10 Must-Have Items When Throwing a Backyard Soiree

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Ever experience that feeling of being unsatisfied on how you threw that backyard soiree party? I felt that several times and thought I’d create this list to help myself as well as others who are planning to throw such a party.

For the sake of this blog, we will be giving you an idea on how to amply prepare and make a perfect soiree backyard party. Since this is a soiree party, we will focus on key points on how to make your decorations and activities fancier than your regular Backyard Party. We should be all about girly, “glammish”, with a lot of the princessy stuff that are “shining, shimmering, and splendid (took that from Aladdin).

1. Set the Vibe

The first thing that your guests will probably notice the moment they sit down on the table is the linen. You may want to add small table accents here and there like flowers in vases and maybe some power notes for your guests to help set the vibe. It helps you make a great accent to the theme of your party and makes your guests live the theme. Imagine having that lovely dinner together while having those conversations your guests have been dying to have with the people you are dining with!

2. Use the Crockery That Meld Well with Your Theme

Most of the time, people tend to use disposable plates and utensils. This is a major turn off after making all the necessary preparations to make your backyard soiree party extremely enjoyable for your guests. 

Use dining sets that meld well with your theme and act like an accent to your table linen. The fancier they are, the better. Remember that a backyard soiree party is a fancier version of your regular backyard party and specifically for girls who like glam and fashion. Tip, the sparklier, the better!

3. Soiree Candles

This is probably one of the highlights of the night. You’ll never see hanging candles elsewhere except on those really special and extremely prepared for parties. You can use some wood for the beams for the base and some metal wire to hang those candles in different levels to create that abstract feel. Don’t forget to either use a candle holder or put a candle drip catcher to keep your guests happy and safe.

4. An Outdoor Kitchen

If you regularly have gatherings in your backyard, this might be something that you may consider building. This may cater to your dishes being kept in an oven or anything else that can keep food warm. Imagine the convenience of not having to repetitively go to your kitchen to serve food or clean up after having dinner.

5. Lighting with Style

For a more impacting theme, add different kinds of lights. The most preferred for backyard soiree parties would be fairy lights, bulb string lights, or meteor shower lights. 

You may want to put them in the areas where you think would be mostly used in the duration of the backyard soiree party. Make sure you have a good variation in terms of lighting style, and colours and tailor fit them to the areas you are putting them. For example, the campfire site would look better with stringed yellow lights. The seating area would look absolutely stunning with fairy lights. The outdoor movies area would be fantastic with lanterns.

6. Offer Your Guests a Campfire Feel

Everyone dreams of a campfire feel. Prop up a tent or something that resembles a teepee, prepare a fire pit or a fireplace, make that circular form with some driftwood topped with some specially designed cushions. 

Prepare a small area along the circle for some supplies. Put some blankets, marshmallows and sticks to make some smores, campfire damper, and some billy tea. Don’t forget to prep up some topics or story themes or games for the much awaited campfire session.



7. Give Your Guests Some Breathing Room

A seating area is very common with backyard soiree parties. It gives your guests some breathing room and, in a sense, a resting place. You may want to use this as well for your searing area later on for your movie night. 

Make sure to have a lot of very soft, comfy pillows with playful colours. A good idea would be to put a little charging station for your guests as well as a small table for them to place any drinks they may be having while chilling.

8. Turn the Soiree into a Movie Night 

This is one of the best parts of a soiree party. Watching a girly movie with none other than the girls especially if it is a girls’ party! All you need is a reliable outdoor projector. Ask around what would be the best brand in terms of durability and quality because these change from time to time. 

Add a white cloth or a white wall for the projector, and don’t forget to prepare a small table, and a selection of movies, even if it’s just a list, for your guests. If you want to make your movie night even more special, throw in some popcorn and some sparkling wine.

9. Pop-Up Gazebo for Shelter

As part of your emergency preparedness, make sure to have some pop up gazebos for shelter. You can prepare anywhere from 1 up to the number of areas you think may need a gazebo. For the most part, pop up gazebos are used for events during the daytime to shelter you and your guests from the scorching sun. There are other uses for a pop up gazebo.

Since your backyard soiree party happens at night, your pop up gazebo is there to ensure that your party continues even if it drizzles or rains. Make sure that the gazebo you have is big enough to cover the areas that need to be covered like your dining, your sitting area, your campfire, your outdoor kitchen and other areas that you may have personally added outside of what we have here. 

10. Play the Music You Love the Most

Get those good vibes playing. We thought the world was going to explode and just let all the fun and joy out like it was your last night! Get your playlist that you keep hidden from your loved ones with those songs that you secretly sing when no one is around. 

Play those music where you can simply jump up and down as you drown in your soul as you celebrate life with friends you simply don’t hide anything from.

Forget about the stress of 2021 and spend the night partying while enjoying the comfort of the bestest of your friends!

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