10 Tips for Lowering Your Carbon Footprint at Home

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If you’ve been feeling like it’s time to think about lowering your carbon footprint, you’re definitely not alone. With most people spending a lot of time at home due to COVID-19, we’ve all had some time to think about our lives and the world around us.

Not sure how to make your life greener? Here are 10 tips for reducing your carbon footprint at home.

Solar Panels Are a Great Way to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you own your home, then it might be the perfect time to consider getting solar panels. Solar power is a lot cleaner than other energy sources and can even save you money over time! Getting solar panels isn’t cheap, but there are lots of financing options and incentives in many areas of the country.
Solar Panels Are a Great Way to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Once the panels are paid off, the energy you’ll automatically sell back to the grid could cover your entire utility bill! It’s not a simple fix, but going solar is one of the best ways to save energy at home.

Staying Relaxed Can Decrease Waste

Have you ever thought about how your mental health affects your carbon footprint? Lots of people who suffer from anxiety disorders or other issues may soothe themselves by shopping online or overeating. These habits are expensive, lead to waste, and may ultimately affect a person’s carbon footprint. Finding ways to stay relaxed and manage your mental health can help you manage your environmental impact.

If You’re Not Using Them, Turn Devices and Appliances Off

Reducing your carbon footprint involves creating new habits. It can be challenging to retrain yourself, but getting into the habit of turning off electronics, lights, and appliances when you’re not using them can cut down on your energy use. It’s even better if you can unplug them or switch off your power strips then they’re not in use.

Develop Your Green Thumb By Planting a Garden

Develop Your Green Thumb By Planting a Garden
Say goodbye to your lawn if you want to help save the planet! There are much more environmentally-friendly ways to use your land, including planting a garden. Not only will plants help to absorb carbon dioxide and help support bees and other insects, but you can also enjoy flowers, vegetables, and trees in your own backyard!

Time to Bring out Your Bicycle!

Public transit might not be the best option during the pandemic, but you might have another option: your bicycle! When the weather is nice, it’s both environmentally-friendly and fun to take your bike out and even run errands with it if you can. Depending on where you live, your bike could be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint from transportation. Plus, you’ll get a workout!

Mindful Actions = A Clear Mind: How Sustainability Helps Mental Health During the Pandemic

We’re starting to learn more about the COVID-19 virus and other viruses, but there are still lots of unknowns and restrictions during this pandemic. There’s a lot we can’t control right now, but we can control our own consumption and sustainability efforts. Mindful action to reduce your carbon footprint could help you to feel better and more productive right now.

Focus on Reducing Your Consumption

In the United States, almost everyone consumes more resources than we need to. It’s important to learn the 5 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rot, Recycle to control your consumption and maximize sustainability.

When Buying Groceries, Look for Local Organic Ingredients

It’s always better to buy local food when you can. Shipping food uses lots of energy and is more wasteful than buying local ingredients. Plus, you’ll get fresher groceries and support local producers!

Skip the Dryer & Line Dry Your Clothes

Using the dryer is convenient, especially if you want to wear your favorite blouse right away. But if you can exercise a little patience and line-dry your clothes instead, you’ll be doing the environment a huge favor. Fact is, dryers use 5 times the electricity of a washing machine. Line drying is slower, but it will save wear and tear on both your clothes and the environment.
Skip the Dryer & Line Dry Your Clothes

Try and Spend Less Time in the Shower

Spending a long time in the shower is a great way to unwind from a stressful day, but it’s not so good for the planet. Try to spend less time under the water and think of more eco-friendly ways to relax. Realistically, you don’t need to stay in the shower very long to get the job done!

There are lots of small ways to lower your carbon footprint and these tips are just a starting point. Get creative to help save the planet!

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