5 Benefits Of Having Tiled Floors

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5 Benefits Of Having Tiled Floors

When it comes to building a house, every owner would want to make sure that it is made in the best condition possible. And one of the ways to make that happen is to choose a good type of flooring. 

As you choose the best flooring for your home, you might come across different wood and carpet variations. While these are also popular choices, tiled floors are also worthy of consideration. Some people only use tiles on bathroom floors, but you can actually get plenty of benefits from it when you use them for other areas of your home.

If you’re still unsure whether to tile your home or not, the benefits listed below may help change your mind:

1. Water-Resistant

Most households use tiles for the bathroom for the simple reason that tiles are highly water-resistant. Tiles are water-resistant because it has a protective glaze over it, which helps shield it from developing stains and water damage. For this reason, they are also great for the kitchen and dining room where leaks and spills are most likely going to happen.

You can expect to be spilling plenty of liquids on the floors of your kitchen, which can be difficult to tend to if you have carpet or wooden floors. When you install tiled floors on your kitchen, they won’t absorb the liquid component but rather resist it, allowing you to clean it more easily and effectively.  

2. Long-Lasting

Anyone would consider a kind of flooring that can guarantee longevity. While carpets look great, they might not be your best option in terms of longevity since they’re more prone to fire, water, or damage from wear and tear.  

High quality tiles, on the other hand, can guarantee longevity as they are harder and more durable. The best ones are those made from ceramic and porcelain. But to make your tiles last even longer, you should take care of them properly. This can be done by regularly cleaning them with non-abrasive and non-acidic products to maintain their smooth, glazed surface for many years.

3. Avoids Risk Of Allergies

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If you’ve been experiencing allergies even when you don’t have pets around, your carpet might be the culprit. Carpet fibers can easily collect and gather lots of pollen and dirt from outside, which can be difficult to remove even with the strongest household vacuum.

With a tiled floor, you can easily spot dust and dirt that falls on them. The best part is, they are also easy to remove. Dirt and dust cannot attach to tiled flooring, since their surface is smooth. If you or some other family members suffer from allergies or asthma, you should install tiled floorings to avoid triggers that are brought by dust, pollen, and dirt that are captured in carpet fibers.  

4. Requires Less Maintenance

Wood and carpet floorings require more maintenance and care to keep them in good condition. Wood, for one, requires regular coating and protection to prevent rot, pest, and termites. A carpet, on the other hand, requires extensive cleaning from time to time to avoid dust and dirt from piling up on the fibers. 

Aside from that, you need to be extra careful to keep the carpet away from fire, heat, and spills as these could leave a mark that could affect the flooring’s overall appearance. 

The great thing about having tiled floors is that you don’t have to worry too much about their maintenance as you can easily clean them by using warm water. You just need to avoid heavy objects from falling into your tiles as they can cause severe damage, which requires replacement. 

5. Versatile Designs

For homeowners who really care about aesthetic, tiled floors are also a great option. There are plenty of tile designs that can suit any kind of theme or personal preference. You can go from plain to abstract designs that could match whatever wall color or design you’re going with

When choosing the best design for your tiles, make sure that they fit well with your intended theme and aren’t too confusing to look at. In other words, just try to keep it simple and organized as much as possible.  


While there are plenty of flooring options you can have for your home, you can never go wrong with tiled floors as they provide durability and a polished, elegant look. Not only can you keep your flooring smooth, but it can also keep your floorings in excellent condition as they’re long-lasting and easier to maintain.

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