5 Home Security Tips for Landlords

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As a landlord, there are a number of reasons why you would want to keep your rental property secure. For starters, it is your responsibility to provide your tenants with a safe place to stay. Burglaries are a frightening experience for the tenant, and can cause a lot of hassle for all the parties involved. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to risk any damage to your property.

Fortunately, there are some helpful steps that you can take to make your rental property safer and more secure. Here are five handy tips that you can use to increase the security of your rental property.

1) Install a home security system

One of the most straightforward ways you can keep your property secure is by installing home security systems. A security system acts as an effective deterrent to burglars and will raise the alarm the instant there is an attempted intrusion. Moreover, your tenants will be more at ease staying at a rental property that has a home security system installed, and may even consider it an amenity they are willing to pay more for.

If you are worried about the cost and effort of installing a home security system, don’t be. A wireless alarm system is more cost-efficient when compared to wired security alarms, and extremely convenient to set up. Most wireless alarm systems can be installed on your own, straight out of the box. You could also consider installing video surveillance cameras around the property for maximum security.

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2) Secure your main entrances

When it comes to making your property safe, securing your main entrances is very important. The main doors should be fitted with a high grade lock, preferably a double-cylinder deadbolt. You should also make sure that your doors are made of a sturdy and secure material, such as solid wood or even metal. This will make it harder for intruders to bust through them.

Another thing you should do is change or rekey the locks in between tenants. While this isn’t a legal requirement for landlords, it is the best way to keep your property secure. Your previous tenant may have made copies of their keys to give to family and friends.

3) Check the alternative entrances too

Burglars don’t only come in through the front door. In fact, windows are a popular point of entry for break-ins, so you need to make sure to secure those as well. Make sure that the windows cannot be opened from the outside and get them fitted with good locks to act as an additional deterrent to intruders.

Alternatively, you could get the windows fitted with a security film which would make it harder for a burglar to break the glass. This is a cheaper option than paying for tempered glass, which is a stronger type of reinforced glass.


4) Don’t forget the compound

Make things more difficult for intruders by ensuring that your compound is secure as well. You can do this by eliminating any hidden spots where burglars could hide out before attempting a break-in. If you have thick bushes on your property compound, get them trimmed or consider removing them altogether.

Furthermore, you should install proper lighting at the entrance of the home to increase visibility at night. After all, a poorly lit compound would be a more attractive target for burglaries compared to a well-lit property. You could also get motion sensor lighting installed around various points around the compound.

5) Ensure your tenants are well-informed

Lastly, what you can do is make sure that your tenants are well-informed about the finer points of security around the property. Remind them about the importance of locking the doors and making use of the security systems provided. You can also share with them safety tips on how to keep the property safe when they are away, like getting the neighbours to take in the mail and so on.

As a landlord, you can use all of these tips above to their full potential, and provide a safe environment for your tenants. Simple ideas such as ensuring that you have the right security products will always be a great, practical home security solution.

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