5 Tips For Renovating A Small Bathroom

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Nailing the right space management and interior design in a small bathroom can be tricky, but it is not impossible. Even if you have a very small bathroom to work with, you can undertake bathroom renovations in Adelaide that will make your bathroom seem much more spacious and aesthetically pleasing, too.

All you have to do is keep these five renovation tips in mind, and you can have a modern bathroom design that is perfectly catered to smaller spaces.

Opt for a light colour scheme

When working with a small space, it is best to avoid using dark colours. This applies to all your bathroom furnishings, from the wall to the floor tiles and cabinets too. Picking a light colour scheme will help open up your bathroom and prevent it from feeling too much like a cave.

It also helps if you choose a monochromatic scheme and stay away from too many contrasting colours. Try matching the colour of your floor tiles and the walls; this could give the illusion of making the corners of the room disappear, visually opening up your bathroom even more. Using large tiles with clean lines will also make your bathroom look more spacious.

Renovating A Small Bathroom

Play with reflections

The more light you have bouncing around your bathroom, the larger your room will look. Try to get some reflective surfaces into your bathroom by incorporating glossy countertops or fixtures, which include showers, bathtubs, and sinks. Glass tiles can also give your bathroom that extra shine as they tend to be more reflective than other materials.

Of course, another easy way to make your bathroom more reflective is by selecting a suitable mirror. A large, wall-to-wall bathroom mirror, complemented with accompanying mirror lighting, can go a long way towards making your small bathroom look much bigger.

Get creative with shelves and fittings

With a small bathroom, you may have to accept that you do not have the space to keep everything you want in there. For example, you could keep spare toilet paper rolls or towels in a separate room, and only bring it to the bathroom when it is needed. However, you can also increase the amount of storage space that you have by getting creative with shelves and fittings.

Instead of taking up space with a bulky towel rack, attach a simple hook at the back of your bathroom door. In addition to getting a space-efficient medicine cabinet, think about extending your countertops in innovative ways. For example, you could extend a narrow ledge of countertop using the space behind your toilet, which might be wasted otherwise.

Renovating A Small Bathroom2

Float the vanity

Vanities can take up a lot of precious floor space in small bathrooms. So, why not float it? Keeping the vanity off the ground frees up more space both visually and practically. A floating vanity will make your bathroom look more spacious than one that is fixed to the floor, and you can actually use that extra space underneath to store more things!

Another thing that you can consider is choosing a vanity with rounded corners. In tight spaces, sharp-cornered vanities can see you bumping into it all too often. With a round vanity, you get a vanity with a unique design and can also say goodbye to bruised hips.

Ventilate your bathroom

When you think about a poorly-ventilated bathroom, you might picture yourself feeling cramped and stuffy. In contrast, if you have a bathroom that is properly ventilated, you will feel much more comfortable. This makes a lot of difference, especially with smaller bathroom spaces.

Therefore, get yourself a bathroom ventilation fan to make your bathroom feel a lot better. Proper ventilation also prevents high humidity levels that could damage your bathroom in the long run.

Armed with these handy tips and suggestions, we’re confident that you can renovate your small space to become the bathroom of your dreams.

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