5 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Home Using Large Mirrors

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Everyone wants to beautify the place they live in from time to time yet we are nearly always deterred by the financial implications this process entails. However, one aspect most homeowners miss out on is that you do not need to pull down walls or undertake any major renovation project to spruce up your home. A few well-placed and thought out installments can do wonders for the visual aesthetic of your house with minimal investment. One such installment goes by the name of mirrors, or full-length mirrors to be more precise. 

Full length mirrors serve many vital purposes when it comes to interior design. They are used for creating the illusion of space and can add depth to your room making it look almost twice as big. These mirrors also reflect light from your window or from your lightbulbs and spread it across the room resulting in enhanced luminance using the same lighting. Framed mirrors are also used for drawing attention so if you want some part of your room to be focused on: place one of these close to it and any guest’s attention will almost certainly gravitate towards that side of the room. And of course, let us not forget the mirror’s oldest and most primary function. To allow people to examine themselves. A full-length mirror lets you visualize your entire figure and works better in synchronizing your outfit from head to toe. Something small mirrors are incapable of. 

Now that we’ve got the why out of the way, here are 5 ideas to liven up your home using full-length mirrors:

1. LED mirror for your bathrooms.

LED mirror for your bathrooms

In a bathroom, it’s always about increasing luminance while refraining from using excessive lights. Sunlight is a good alternative, but obviously, it only works during the day. Install a full-length LED mirror on an empty wall and you have the perfect balance of light spread evenly across your bathroom. Always go for white lights here as they work best when it comes to visibility. Frameless bathroom mirrors are one of the best options when it comes to add a unique and stylish look to your space.

2. Full-length standing mirrors for your bedrooms.

Full-length standing mirrors for your bedrooms

Nothing gives a bedroom more character than a beautiful full-length mirror with an elegant frame leaning daintily to a wall. These mirrors serve as the perfect compliment to any type of bedroom setup while giving you the opportunity to see yourself in scale making it easier to point out and fix inconsistencies in your appearance. Useful for deciding which shoes go with which dress. The key point to keep in mind is that your frame is the main component here. If you’re aiming for a lavish theme, make sure to accompany it with a gothic or neoclassical frame. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a minimalistic, clean, and decluttered setup; then work with a simple sleek black or dark brown frame (no fancy engravings-just clean lines). In the end, the choice of frames is on you but we cannot emphasize the importance of a frame here. Make sure to get one that suits your style best!

3. Large framed wall mirror for your dining room.

Large framed wall mirror for your dining room

Similar to your bedroom setup, this mirror must also be accompanied by a frame. The only difference is this mirror is much bigger. Your living room is the place where you spend a good deal of your time and is generally the place most guests tend to sit. Therefore, that illusion of space we talked about earlier applies earnestly here. The bigger your mirror, the better the effect. Hence, the bigger variants are referred to as wall mirrors given they often span across a large portion of your living room wall. Apart from creating space, these mirrors can reflect and duplicate the attractive décor you have in your living room thus amplifying their aesthetic. Place one chandelier or one fancy lamp and your room instantly gets two! Get it? 

4. Full-length wall mirror on the entrance.

Full-length wall mirror on the entrance

First impressions may not be the last, but they do matter. And since modern interior setups usually incorporate an ample amount of glass in them; it seems prudent to set the tone for it right from the outset. These floor length mirrors at the entrance will help immensely in setting the theme for the rest of your house and are exactly the calibrator you need for that instant wow factor.

5. Full-length wide mirror in the hallway or home gym.

Full-length wide mirror in the hallway

If your house has a long hallway or a gym then this point is for you. Full-length wide mirrors are ideal for opening up hallways making them seem less claustrophobic and a lot airier. Furthermore, hallways are generally quite bleak and the only way to fill them up is with paintings or mirrors. So, in theory you could do that, but it is much more effective to just install a mirror that runs along the length of the wall. Doing this not only opens up the space, but also adds a bit of flavor keeping you amused as you walk through the hallway. And do you even need to explain why you need wall mirrors in a gym? (Hint: something to do with flexing your muscles)

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