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6 Home Improvements Real Estate Agents Recommend for Maximum ROI

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This section talks about how home improvements are crucial to get a sale price the home truly deserves.

The Top 6 Home Improvements That Real Estate Agents Say Pay Off

1. The Front Door

Describes how creating s good first impression delivers more than the value of the door.

2. Bathrooms

Explains the need to modernize the bathroom, and the resulting gains.

3. Increasing Built Up Area

Showcases how increasing square footage ups the sale price.

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4. Kitchens

Discusses the need to add conveniences, without going overboard.

5. Ticking Off a Big Ticket Item

Points out how an important addition can lift the home into a higher category, and thereby raise the price of a home.

6. Insulation

Demonstrates how insulation is one of those easy, yet crucial factors in getting your home sold.


This section ends with a short CTA asking readers to seek out apt improvements that deliver real value.

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