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7 Easy-to-Grow Succulents

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If you are a novice in the care of indoor plants and you like succulents, surely you are interested in knowing these seven plants that we present to you today. It is important to describe its characteristics and needs to know if you have the right conditions for growing it at home. These plants are some of my suggestions for those who do not have much experience, since they seem undemanding plants and quite tolerant to low light conditions, watering, etc. There are many more options but these are some of our favorites.



Gasterias are succulent that do not etiolate easily. This means that they do not get spindly or elongated when they lack light, so they can be a little further from a window. Because of its fleshy leaves and its thick roots, you won’t have to be very aware of them. If you water them thoroughly, you can wait until the substrate is very dry before watering again.


Many Haworthiosis usually grow, in nature, under the shade of other larger plants that inhabit the desert. It is not uncommon to find them under a bush, tree or similar, receiving dappled light. So they naturally prefer filtered light to direct sun. We have observed that if they are exposed to direct sun they begin to close their leaves and take a darker green tone. It’s probably because they are getting sunburned. We have also observed that white spots may appear on the leaves, probably accumulation of cells damaged by the sun.


Aloe can be grown with slightly less sun, although they thrive best in sunny conditions. They are succulents with really interesting structure and color. Depending on the species or cultivar they may have something like thorns along the edges of the leaves . They are not really very harmful, because they are usually not very hard and do not stick. But they can scratch you or snag your clothes.


The so-called snake plant is another popular succulent of which there are many different species and cultivars. It has always been called Sansevieria, but about a decade ago they were reclassified and included in the genus Dracaena. Many are varieties with long, flat leaves, such as Dracaena trifasciata , but there are also more fleshy leaves, such as Dracean angolensis of which there are cultivars of dwarf sizes and various shapes.

Kalanchoe daigremontiana, Mother of Thousands

This is a very rewarding plant for any beginner, who will see it multiply without effort. But this plant needs more light than the previous ones. In low light it grows spindly. When this succulent (or any other) is etiolated, it is very easy to fix it – you just have to behead it and plant it into the ground. Kalanchoe daigremontiana is a very difficult plant to kill, ideal for any newbie.



All Euphorbias are a bit toxic and you have to be careful with children and pets. When a branch is cut, it secretes a somewhat irritating sap in contact with the skin and eyes. Knowing this you can prevent it. Also belonging to the same Euphorbia family is the Poinsettia, and some plants that look like simple cacti, such as Euphorbia aeruginosa or Euphorbia inges.Poinsettias are difficult to keep pretty all season, and Crown of Thorns does best outdoors, but cactus-like euphorbia are more tolerant of growing indoors.


Finally, we would like to recommend the genus Faucaria, a succulent with small, very fleshy leaves in a huge variety of shapes: such as the Faucaria tigrina that resembles the jaws of a tremendous feline, or the Faucaria bosscheana, somewhat less “aggressive”. Faucarias tolerate low light exposures but the truth is that, grown in somewhat sunny locations, they can produce very attractive flowers.

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There are many other succulents that can be kept well indoors, but this is a good selection for someone who wants to get started and has the right conditions at home for them: bright light and good ventilation. If you are looking to get started with succulents as a hobby, do check out Succulent Alley for the best sources to buy succulents online.

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