Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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Have you thought about maintaining your air conditioner, or did you know that you were supposed to? Fortunately, air conditioner maintenance is straightforward, and in this blog, we will go over some tips to help you ensure your ac unit stays in excellent condition.

Similar to rotating your tires or changing the oil on your car, air conditioner maintenance helps prolong your air conditioners life, keep it running efficiently, and cool your home better.


When doing maintenance on your ac unit, you’re going to need some tools to help you get the job done. Below is a small list of the tools you need when you decide to do ac maintenance on your own.

  • Garden hose
  • New filter
  • Level



The most important thing about air conditioning is your airflow. Therefore, your air conditioner can be broken down into three major parts.

  • Outdoor unit
  • Indoor unit
  • Thermostat

Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor ac unit pulls air in through the coils and blows it out the top. So, if your coils are blocked, it can significantly decrease the efficiency of your unit. With that said, there is a couple of things you can do. First, you should cut power to the unit. It’s recommended that you do this by switching off the breaker unit. You can also pull the disconnect if you don’t have a breaker unit.

Secondly, you need to get rid of the debris that is around your unit. You should also remove bushes or shrubs that may be pushed up against the ac unit. Use your garden hose to wash off the coils. Then, use the hose to wash the ac unit from the inside out. From there, allow the water to run down the coils to remove all the dirt.

It’s essential to see if the ac unit looks level; you may want to have a professional level it up. Check the electrical connections and make sure that there are no exposed wires. Check the insulation around the ac unit to make sure it’s still good. Then, reconnect the power. Remember to be cautious when putting the connector back into place.

Indoor Unit

Like your outdoor unit, you need to cut the power. Then, check the filters to make sure you can still see the light being shown. Once the filter is replaced, make sure the air is flowing. You also want to ensure that the arrow on the filter is lined up in the correct direction. You also need to check your filters at least once a month.
Indoor Unit


The only thing you need to do is check to make sure the display’s temperatures match the temperature in the room. This can easily be done by grabbing a visual read thermometer and make sure they match. As long as you’re within three degrees, you will be fine.

In Summary

These air conditioner maintenance tips that have been shared with you are things that anyone can do on their own. However, it’s always recommended that you have your ac unit inspected by a professional technician. The certified HVAC technicians at Ambrose Air, Inc can come out to your home and ensure your ac unit is working correctly. Our team has the knowledge to go more in-depth and find the problems you’re experiencing with your ac unit.

Ambrose Air, Inc can check the voltages, capacitor, and refrigerant levels to see any apparent concerns. Our technicians will then reveal their findings with you and answer any questions you may have.

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