Best Ways to Use Glass Tiles in Your Next Home Remodel

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Humankind has relied on the tiles for decorative and practical uses for actually thousands of ages. Here are a few different ways to carry on that ritual in your own house. One of the most versatile elements out there, tiles, serves well on walls, decors, and floors. Whether you’re counting on a low-budget shower remodel or planning a better kitchenette renovation, clear glass tiles can add aesthetic appeal and functionality. Keep on reading to know more.

Tile the shower area

No doubt, tiles work well for much more than just being on the floors. You can simply cover the tub’s rear side as it will dramatically increase the bath area’s ability to hold water. For the best results, you can go with mosaic glass tiles on the shower walls as their material is easy to install and durable enough compared to the rest of the options. How about having a customized bathroom just for you? Sounds incredible, right?

Create a Unique Kitchen Backsplash

As experts say, that a kitchen never seems complete without a visually appealing backsplash. Bring your innovative ideas to the next level by getting creative with the kitchen’s backsplash. You can try going with a colorful glass tile backsplash or adding some intense color with a range of cute patterned mosaic tiles. And guess what? The backsplash is a perfect space to add metal and glass tiles to withstand the stains and spills. Regardless of what color or tile type you choose, it will surely add a dash of creative flair to your cooking space.

Glass Tiles in Your Next Home Remodel1

Brush Up the Corridor

Well, the hallways and corridors often remain empty as we only use from one room to another. Instead of leaving them dull and blank, spruce them up with some mosaic glass tiles. Subtle patterns will take your corridor’s score from 0 to a total of 10.

Have an Accent Wall

Imagine when a standard wall painted with some bright color can take it from average to an inviting one, then a wall with a Dust blue or Crystal lagoon tiles can turn a bland room into a dynamic one. For the best impact, choose any prominent space of your house, get colorful as much as you can. But make sure to be decent as well. Lastly, put the decor that accommodates the accent wall and doesn’t make the whole room look overwhelming.

Personalize those Plain Shelves

If, in any case, the tile pattern seems too loud, then consider an ultra-fine glass tile pattern. Depending on the style and shade you choose, Iridescent tiled shelves or walls can add an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Glass Tiles in Your Next Home Remodel2

Bring it to the outdoors

Tiles work well in various indoor spaces, and they are a smart accessory for the outdoors. Adding coral blue glass tiles around that outdated pool or patio area will make a huge difference. Start from scratch and build an attractive yet functional outdoor living space with some leaf green or glossy bronze tile flooring.

Have an Artwork

If you don’t have any plans for installing tiles currently, you can instead go with a decent tiles design by turning into an artwork. For instance, mosaic glass tiles can go good with a footboard or headboard in the living area, or you can install them anywhere in your home. Else, you can make a more significant statement with a large oval or a circular mosaic style.

In the end, the sky’s the limit when it comes to using glass tiles for your home. Start with the kitchen or bathroom, and then introduce the glossy water element throughout your lovely

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