Matching every decorative and functional element with the general interior design is a very important task if you want to achieve style consistency in your space. In simple words, it would look awkward if you placed door signs of the Modern style in the traditional or vintage-inspired interior. Or, it wouldn’t be appropriate to decorate a minimalist-inspired design with sophisticated gold elements. That’s why, you need to learn how to match door numbers with the general interior. Here are key aesthetic and practical considerations that can help you to make the best choice.

Aesthetic Considerations for Choosing Door Number Signs

  • Material options: Materials of door number plates can enhance the style of the place. If the space is styled rustically, wood will be a perfect material. However, when the design is minimalist, acrylic glass is a better option. The combination of materials gives you even more flexibility if you manage to find crafters who are able to satisfy all your needs.
  • Size and visibility: A door number plate can be neither too small nor too big. The wrong size of the plaque can spoil the overall visitor impression. Besides, too small sizes can violate the functionality of the plate as the sign will become invisible.
  • Design and style compatibility with the interior: To make the interior design consistent, make sure the design of every decorative element enhances the general style and atmosphere. For example, Classic, Thin, and Buro plates are perfect for traditional office interior design, while Wave and Venture styles might be great fits for hospitality facilities.
  • Customization options: If your interior style is unique, you need custom products to match it. That’s why we suggest that you should consider custom interior door numbers offered by Bsign Store. With this manufacturer, you can customize sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and fonts — all features that impact the aesthetic perception of the decorative element.
  • Durability and maintenance requirements: A door sign will lose its key aesthetic features if it gets worn out over time. That’s why it’s important to choose signs made of durable materials that are easy to take care of. From this perspective, plates made of stainless steel are great options. They don’t crack because of temperature changes and all you need to maintain them in perfect condition is to clean the surface with soapy water from time to time.

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Practical Considerations for Door Number Signs

  • Ease of installation: Choose the fastening method that seems the most efficient for you. With Bsign, you can buy signs with either metal mounts or scotch tape fastening. Both are reliable, but the tape is less invasive because you don’t need to screw the holes to insert the plate.
  • Accessibility features for individuals with disabilities: According to ADA requirements, you need to make your space as inclusive as possible and ensure that even people with sight disabilities will be able to navigate conveniently. To do this, choose door numbers that comply with the mandatory legal requirements imposed by ADA.
  • Consistency in the numbering system throughout the space: The placement of door numbers across the building cannot be chaotic. Depending on the navigation system, you should choose either a direct-sequence or zigzag numbering model.
  • Budget considerations: Buy door numbers that are affordable to your budget. Bsign Store offers a number of budget-friendly collections and attractive discounts for new customers.

We hope that with this guide, it will be now easier for you to make a good choice of door numbers to suit your interior design!