Choosing the Right Art for Your Apartment Interior

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Whether you are going for wall hangings, art, photos, accessories like pots, or throw pillows you need to know how to select the right and perfect pieces for your space. When choosing art pieces to complement the interior of your home or office, you need to know which art pieces to go for. This is important since the art has to serve its’ purpose of bringing out a stylish look in your home and send the right message.

The right wall art can not only accentuate the look of your home but it also pulls your space together, makes your home more appealing and inviting and improves the overall look of your home. You need the right size, theme, style, color and inspiration for you to choose the right art. Below are tips for choosing the right art for your apartment interior.


Color is an important aspect when selecting an art piece. When doing any form of decoration, the colors used should match with the surrounding environment. Room color palettes and color palettes of art differ in various ways. The art should incorporate any other colors already present in the room. The best is to stick to a consistent scheme and compare the colors alongside the color wheel to determine which colors match.

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Always create a balance in the color scheme. For example, if you have accessories that are either black, grey with a touch of red, choose a wall art with these 3 colors. But, it should not exceed four colors. Your piece of artwork should also have a background color that matches your wall color. The shade of the wall art should be the exact shade with your wall color. Avoid bright colors, especially if your walls have been painted with neutral wall colors since they won’t match.


When it comes to selecting the style of art, choose a style that is natural and personal. The styles might include antique pieces of items that you love or connect with. The art should bring out a bright, vibrant and bold look. Before deciding on the style, however, always check the parameters such as the size or color scheme so that they blend well with the style. Find out more on the best arts and paintings at


While most people prefer to buy larger pieces and avoid all the hustle of selecting from a wide collection, this is not always the best option. When choosing wall art, you need to know the exact size of the art you will be buying. Oversized wall art isn’t the best choice for bathrooms and the small ones aren’t ideal for living rooms. If your space is big you cannot place a piece of art that is too small.

The wall art should not be too large that it outshines your sofa. If the art includes a photo collage, ensure that it has been placed at least 15 centimeters above your furniture. Oversized wall art can act as a focal point of your wall or room. The same applies to large wall art which could also serve as a centerpiece. Medium wall art pieces can stand alone or grouped. The smallest size of frames ranges from 25 to 44 centimeters. Instead, group small pieces together. These can be in pairs or groups.



A home with a theme in place is much easier and simpler to decorate and design with art pieces because you can easily remove any items that do not fit your theme. If you built your home around a certain theme, select your art based on that particular theme. This enables you to blend your theme and balance the style, color as well as with other items in your home. For example, if your home has a beachy feel with light or bright walls, an artwork of sea life is one of the best options.

You can collect different art pieces that are in line with your theme from the store. Also, remember to gather up art pieces when on vacation as long as the pieces blend in with the furniture and accessories that you already have.

As you can see, choosing your wall art doesn’t have to be a stressful task. With the right wall art, you can have a space that is inviting to your guests while at the same time defining the different rooms in your home and communicating more about the type of family set up you are. Simply determine which style you are more comfortable with. ​

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