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Crucial Tips to Make Your Sign to Stand Out and Be Visible

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Your signage is a critical part of your marketing campaign but for it to be most effective it should be attention-grabbing and visible. Good business signage enables you to stand out, while signage that is poorly positioned or mediocre can make it completely invisible.

Do you want to ensure your business stands out from the cacophony of visuals? Whether you have a garage in an industrial estate, a shop by the street, or a restaurant in the retail park, there is no shortage of visual competition. Here are tips to make your open sign neon to stand out from the crowd.

Determine the Purpose of Your Signage

Permanent signage for, say a shop exterior, isn’t the same thing for signage for an exhibition or a temporary event. These two types of signs will have different messaging and look different. It’s great to have different signage but it’s important to have them planned so that you can get the greatest reusability and benefits.

For instance, if you plan to host a large event, you may need to invest in a huge pop-up stand complete with a frame, changeable panels, and carry case. These enable you to change your messaging so that you get maximum value for your investment. Different types of signs include informational, persuasive, and outdoor signs. To get your sign to stand out, always set objectives and goals for each one of your signs.

Use a professional

Investing in physical signage is about putting your money on something that will be there for the long haul. This means you should give it the best approach. It includes using a graphic designer for the artwork production, hiring a communication pro to do the wording, and getting the help of an expert sign manufacturer to advise you on placement, installation, and choice of the right materials. In most cases, sign companies have these experts in-house so you don’t have to hire them separately. For more information, check out


Be mindful of typography

You must ensure that your sign is accessible and legible. The best advice when it comes to fonts is to use the ones that have no serifs when you want to pass on important information.

Also, you should be mindful of contrast. This makes the text jump out and is easy to read. You should also ensure that the font is large enough.

The advantage of using professional sign designers is that they will apply to your sign visibility rules depending on their height, placement, and the distance your audience will read them. They will also consider the speed your target audience is likely to travel at.

Make the most of negative space around messages and keywords. You also want to consider back-lighting, more so if you intend to place the sign outdoors or on a dim space where visibility should be enhanced during the darker hours.

Be bold with the design

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you now have to use weird designs for your signs. To get a bold design on your signage, you need to hire a professional designer to help you create 3D imaging. This ensures that the signage doesn’t look flat on the board. Additions like these will help you to make your signage unique and outstanding without your company image or message being omitted. When you use bright colored and bold imagery, you are sure to attract the attention of passersby to your signage.

Use simple words

While there is no doubt as to the importance of text in good signage, it’s crucial to appreciate that not everyone will have a few minutes to spare for your message. The best signage shouldn’t require more than a few minutes of the potential customer’s time just to understand the message. This is why you need to keep your texts not just appealing and brief but also straightforward and simple. Creativity with words can also be rewarding in attracting you to a few more customers.

Pay Attention to Placement

The correct positioning of your signage also matters a lot and it can be the difference between your sign’s success and failure. Apart from the obvious features such as the size and the height of the sign, you also need to consider more subtle factors such as where the sun faces. Also, you need to consider whether your target audience will strain in reading your sign. Will the light be reflected onto your sign and make it difficult to read or will people need to squint into the sun?

If, for example, you have a restaurant business, your open sign neon will require extra lighting. No matter how beautiful or professionally-made your signage is, if you place it behind a building where it can be seen by only a handful of people, you can be sure not to expect any new leads.

Using signage is one of the best ways to market a business. However, this is only true if you take the little details seriously. Not only will this increase the visibility of your signage but it will also give your business a competitive edge.

Put Your Brand in Place

This is the ultimate time for developing a brand if you do not have one already. Working with a professional graphics designer experienced in matters of branding, you should be able to clearly and effectively communicate your values, objectives, and business purposes. Define your typical customer and target audience.

Your designer should help you to come up with an outstanding logo that also appeals to your target audience. You can then replicate this across your signage for maximum effect. By their nature, signs are visual and if you add in a great logo, you will be sure for them to instantly provide that crucial “wow” factor.

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