Decorate Your Bathroom Using Wall Arts

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We spend more time in the bathroom than we may think. Depending on the need, we spend about 30 minutes in our bathroom each day. It might seem insignificant, but it adds ups to more than 180 hours per year. Over the course of life, this goes up to 800 days on average. For a place, where we are going to spend so much time, it shouldn’t be all gloomy and down-spirited. Decorating your bathroom may include having designer basins, beautiful tiles, designer mirrors and obviously wall arts.

Some well-planned black and white bathroom wall art can surely brighten up the atmosphere of your bathroom. Wall arts can make your bathroom more welcoming and may help lift your mood. It’ll even give you something to think about and help you pass time when you’re bored. I’m sure you’ve experienced those moments when you just lose yourself in a piece of art. Wall art can help you if you ever want to get lost in thoughts sitting in your bathroom.

Where to Place the Wall Art

Different wall arts may bring up different emotions in a person. That’s why different places should have different wall arts too. There is some strategy to placing the perfect wall art, though most of it may be your intuition.

Over the Bathtub

Hang a large wall art over your bathtub, if you want it to be the center of attention. A bathtub is a place where we cleanse ourselves and relax. So, the art should be something soothing as well. However, be sure to place it carefully. Don’t place the art piece too close to the bathtub, or it will get splashed by water often. Just to be sure, place a protective layer on the art.

Above the Towel Rail

You can hang one wide piece of art, or hang multiple small arts that all together are equivalent to the width of the rail. It’s important to place them carefully to bring out their shine. Don’t put them too close to the rail, or you might end up damaging the wall arts. Also, don’t place them too far from the rail, or they’ll end up looking like they’re separated. The idea is to combine the arts with the towel rail.

Atop the Toilet

A beautiful piece of wall art over the toilet tank may beautify the space. Choose wall art that is as wide as the toilet tank to bring a balance among both.

Any Empty Wall

An empty wall is a good canvas for wall art. It’s even better if the empty wall is exactly opposite to the toilet. It’ll give you something to look at rather than an empty wall; when you’ll be sitting there.

How to Take Care of the Wall Arts

Just placing the wall arts to the appropriate places isn’t enough. You have to know how to take care of them as well; otherwise, you might ruin your precious black and white bathroom wall arts. There are some dos and don’ts when it comes to displaying art in your bathroom.

  1. Keep your bathroom windows open to allow air to circulate. A bathroom generates a lot of steam and moisture, which can be damaging to your arts and crafts.
  2. Cover the art with protective transparent covers. This will also make the cleaning process a lot easier.
  3. Don’t go overboard with the setups. Choose something inexpensive and standard. For example – simple wooden frames and acrylics frames are preferred over others.

The bathroom is regarded as one of the most intimate areas in the home. As a result, using wall arts to decorate a bathroom is always frowned upon. However, because it is a private space, you are free to personalize it any way you seem pleasant.

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