DIY Fish Tank Decorations: How to Make Aquarium Decorations at Home

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While setting up a home aquarium can be a rewarding experience, the supplies come with a pretty expensive price tag.

Be it pumps, filters or other equipment, you might have to invest heftily in the same. This is why DIYers prefer making aquarium decorations by themselves using spare products which are both eco-friendly and easy on the pocket. 

If you are trying to save money on fish tank decorations by going the DIY way, then you have come to the right place. 

Today we are going to walk you through some aquarium decorations which you can try out.

Flower Pots

Scatter miniature flower pots at the bottom of your aquarium for an interesting look. 

Here you can choose amongst a variety of shapes, sizes and hues. However, you should make it a point to scrub them properly before placing them in the aquarium. 

It is also advisable to pay special care to sharp edges and drainage holes so that your fishes do not get stuck in the same. 

For this, you can either ensure that the holes are adequately large for the fish to swim through or seal the holes completely.

Fish Tank Decorations2

Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Add an unexpected element to your aquarium décor with a ceramic coffee mug. 

You can also opt for multiple funky mugs for making your aquarium a conversation starter. 

If you are thinking of keeping the aquarium in a corporate environment, then you can engage in a bit of branding by placing a mug with your business logo in the aquarium. 

Plastic Toys

Plan a visit to the toy store for perking up your aquarium with plastic animals and sand toys which look vibrant when placed around aquatic plants. There are ‘n’ number of themes which you can create with the plastic toys and the possibilities are limited only by the type of toys you get at the store and your own imagination. 

Pictures & Prints

Think out of the box by placing a large print picture at the back of your tank. 

You can choose amongst a variety of pictures like a starry forest, a coral reef, outer space or maybe a sandy beach. 

All you will require is some double-sided tape for completely transforming the look of your aquarium. 

Lego & Toy Blocks

Build elaborate displays using Legos which can surely turn your plain aquarium into a work of art. You can even build an underwater palace by channelling your imagination and introducing some deep-sea explorer figurines for a more realistic feel.

Holiday Decor

Jazz up your aquarium for radiating the merriment of holiday season with a variety of props. 

You can fill the tan using plastic spiders or add some skeletons and skulls to celebrate Halloween. 

Adding a colourful fall backdrop or a Lego feast is ideal during Thanksgiving. The decoration choices are endless during Christmas. 

You can either jazz up the scene by hanging some snowflakes outside the tank or line up the little gifts from Santa along the aquarium bed. 


Channel your creativity in the best way by bringing home a permanent marker and doodling on the glass surface of your aquarium for enhancing its cartoonish charm. 

The best thing about doodling is that these designs can be removed using an aquarium safe cleaner so that you can alter the scene whenever you fancy. 

Fish Tank Decorations1

Ceramic Figures

Change the mood of your aquarium by placing ceramic figurines around the bed. 

Here you can opt for classic figures for imparting a serious vibe or go ahead with outrageous choices which can surely turn it into an owner’s pride. 

Vinyl Stickers

Dress up the exterior of your aquarium with viny stickers which can present you with unlimited options. 

Creating a cool effect becomes easy by simply placing the stickers around the front edges and sides of the aquarium. 

You can either stick to aquatic prints or build a scene from your favourite children’s book or a video game as per your preference. 


The first thought which comes to our mind while thinking of aquarium décor are plastic plants, brightly coloured pebbles or maybe a scuba diver along with a treasure chest. 

Aquarium decorations can serve as a great way of hiding equipment like a fish tank heater or filter in an aesthetic way. 

They can also benefit your fishes by offering them a resting place. But it always pays to sterilize the decorations before placing them in the aquarium. 

It is advisable for beginners to start out with tropical fishes as they guarantee the highest possibility of success in a home setup. 

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