Easy DIY Landscaping and Garden Ideas

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Working in the garden or on your home’s landscaping is a great way to stay busy while improving the look and beauty of your outdoor space. DIY garden projects can be as complicated or as simple as you can handle, but any project that you are interested in creating should add to your already existing space.

To get started, take stock of the current state of your outdoor space and determine what is missing. Can you use more colour? Does the yard need structure or a focal point? Whatever your garden needs to get you outdoors enjoying your yard this summer can be helped with an easy DIY project.


Create a Garden Path

A garden path is a DIY project that serves multiple purposes in landscaping. A path draws people into the garden, reduces the wear and tear caused by foot traffic, and pulls the eye around the design of a garden. Because of the multitude of garden materials necessary, and the need to properly lay out the foundation of a path, this is a DIY project that will take more work or even some consultation or a check of your work by a professional.

Add Hanging Baskets or Pots

Hanging baskets or pots are quick and easy DIY projects for the garden. Baskets can be purchased pre-planted, so all you have to do is find a sunny spot to hang. Alternatively, you can purchase baskets or pots and fill them yourself before adding them to your garden. These add interest and a quick splash of colour and whimsy to an otherwise empty area of the garden.


Create Vertical Gardening Elements

Vertical gardening elements add interest and additional space to your garden. A simple trellis, floral arch, or other structure for climbing plants to establish themselves on can be purchased or constructed. Be sure to consider the needs of the plants you are adding to vertical elements before planting.

Add Water Features

Water features in the garden add a touch of interest, and really become a focal point no matter how small or big. Anything from a bird bath to a contained fountain to a small pond can be added into the garden landscape for interest, noise and movement, and to attract wildlife as well as to serve as a resting spot. Simple elements can be purchased and easily assembled in a day, but more complicated and larger projects would require professional assistance from landscapers to insure proper installation and flow.

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