Effective House Cleaning During Covid 19

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It is highly important to keep the house neat and clean. In this sudden outbreak of Covid 19, cleaning the house effectively and disinfecting the whole house has become necessary. If your house is not disinfected during this pandemic, then you might easily get affected by the virus. 

Because of this sudden outbreak, life has lost its regular rhythm. People are house arrested for staying safe from the deadly virus. However, people often need to go out to do groceries. Some people did not get a vacation from their jobs like the police or the delivery boys or the bankers, especially the doctors and nurses. They have to go out of the house regularly. And if the house is not cleaned properly, the virus which came with them will infect the people living in it. 

To clean your house effectively during Covid 19, you must first know about the virus and how it is transmitted. This will help you to get rid of it easily. 

House Cleaning During Covid 192

Covid 19

Covid 19 is the name of a deadly virus. It has already taken the lives of half of the population of the world. It was first found in China. It is guessed that it has spread from bats to humans. Because of the Chinese’s weird eating habit, the Covid 19 virus started spreading rapidly from an animal market where bats were sold for eating. 

From the ongoing research on Covid 19, it has been found in the study that Covid 19 (also known as CoronaVirus) transmits from not only the affected people but also from any transmitted surfaces like- door handle, lift button, food from outside, parcel package, etc. Once you are affected by this virus, your life might be at risk. But the hopeful news is this virus can be killed with regular disinfection and hand sanitizers. It can be generated from person to person through coughing, sneezing, touching, etc. By wearing a mask, you can prevent the virus from infecting you through the oxygen you consume or from the droplets from the virus affected people. 

How to clean the house effectively during Covid 19?

Cleaning the house is a regular job which we always do during the weekends or before and after a party. But cleaning the house during covid 19 is not just generally cleaning the house. You have to disinfect all the surfaces of the house regularly, so the virus dies and can not spread in your house or affect your loved ones. For that, you need to-. 

Effective Cleaning the home surfaces

Cleaning your house effectively with disinfects regularly can save you from this dangerous virus. There are a lot of disinfectants to use, like- Savlon or Dettol. You can also use professional cleaning service for your home like VepoClean.

House Cleaning During Covid 191

Many organizations have made a list for disinfections which can directly get rid of Covid-19. 

  • Use precautions like a face mask and hand gloves before you clean the house during Covid 19.
  • Clean the surface of the things in your house with disinfectants that are regularly touched like- doorbells, doors, door handles, lift buttons, light switches, etc. 
  • Use disinfectants to clean the floor, doors, windows of your house 
  • Spray disinfection on any parcel you bring from outside or delivered from outside
  • Clean and disinfect the surfaces of your bathroom, which are touched like- taps, hand showers, shampoo, and other toilette bottles, bathtubs, water buckets, etc. 
  • Clean surfaces like chairs, tables, sofa with disinfecting if someone from outside sat on these surfaces without changing their clothes. 
  • Wipe the surfaces of your tech gadgets like- cell phones, computers, laptops regularly or every time you bring them home after you take them outside. 

Effective Cleaning the foods and kitchen:

  • You need not use disinfects on food. The coronavirus usually dies within 2-3 days if it does not contact any human or animals. You can just keep the food you bring from outside somewhere, where it will stay untouched for at least 3 days if it is dry food. After that, you can have the food as the virus would be gone by then. 
  • Do not put the vegetables you brought from outside in the fridge without cleaning it. The coronavirus can survive in the cold for about 14 days. 
  • It is better to clean and cook the food like- vegetables and meat immediately after bringing it from outside. It is not possible to clean these types of food with disinfects. But while the food boils, the virus is very likely to become disabled. 
  • Clean the kitchen more often. Clean and disinfect every spoon or bowl, or plates you use for eating. Use separate plates, spoons, and mugs for individual family members if possible. If you have a Covid 19 patient in your home, at least give him/her separate plates, spoons, bowls, cups. 

Covid 19 is undoubtedly horrifying. But fearing it won’t do any good. You have to remember that simple disinfection can kill this deadly virus. So, stay home, effectively clean your house, and stay safe. 

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