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Essential Tips to Perk up Your Animal Drawings

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Animals are undoubtedly very complex to draw. Drawing the animals and putting those emotions into it is indeed a complicated task. Sometimes you require breaking down the drawing of an animal into the simplest shapes and forms and then connecting them again.

Are you also interested in creating an eye-catching animal drawing that looks realistic and leaves such an impact on an individual’s mind that it encourages them to procure that right away? Are you impressed by artists capable of attaining the high levels of realism in their animal drawings and wish you could achieve that peak, someday? If you want to create those realistic animal paintings and put life in the art you made, you don’t need to search for it. All you need to do is follow the following tips and enhance the level of your creativity.

Tips for realistic Animal Art:

Drawing from Live Animals: Put into practice drawing animals from real life to get a hold of a better sense of how they carry themselves and move. Numerous representational artists work from photographs but still, there is no alternate for drawing from live animals. Try using live animals for drawing some sketch whenever possible and put life in your drawing. Drawing a live animal is entirely a privileged experience. You are not just sketching or drawing, but you store the memory in your hand and on paper.


Try to acquire your photographs: It is always a great idea to use photos taken by yourself for your artwork. Using your images gives a genuine and emotional attachment that enhances creativity and leads to a better outcome. Pictures clicked by other photographers don’t give that feel, vibe, and passion. The output is also casual in such a case.

Don’t be afraid to erase: Artists generally avoid using erasers. It is usually said that great artists don’t require erasers and do not erase while sketching or drawing. But this is a myth. Artists can also employ erasers whenever needed. It is not called unprofessionalism; it is a part of real art.

Simplify the characters nicely: Try simplifying the characters nicely, so that every shape and line portrays the appropriate form and balance. Despite focusing on whether the animal is proportionally realistic or correct, you must explore the personality of the animal you are drawing. Play with the proportions accurately to convey the various features concerning the character drawn by you. Put the facial expressions accurately.

Expressing an animal’s personality: The techniques and the materials you are using can help you express the animal’s character. You can use oil pastels to portray the energetic and full of mischief animals, whereas a simple watercolor can help you out with the drawing of calm and neat animals.


Always begin with an initial light sketch, focusing on the most massive shapes first: While initiating any drawing or sketching, it is necessary to become skilled at visualizing what we’re looking at as an amalgamation of simpler forms and then filling out the details.

Ensure that you’re using a quality reference: Whether you are using a photograph or connection maintained by you or some other individual, ensure that you are employing a quality reference for your art. A high-resolution picture will lend a hand in portraying the small details nicely.

The essential points required to keep in mind are that the drawing you create must convey the artist’s feel and emotion and show up the realistic concern that connects the individuals with the picture. The artist must follow the tips mentioned above to enhance the drawing quality and connect with the animal drawing. The drawing must convey the innocence and association with the moment that was captured and explain the beauty of that particular moment to the audience. If the connection is established nicely between the audience and the drawing, you are victorious in portraying the moment’s beauty.

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