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How to Choose the Best Birdhouse for your Backyard?

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There is a large variety of birdhouses available in the market. As such, it becomes challenging to choose the best one to attract birds in your house backyard. You must know that birds are picky when it comes to selecting a place to nest. Birds do not like to choose a residence that does not live up to their safety, space, and comfort expectations.

Types of birdhouses

Two essential types of birdhouses that have become popular are decorative pieces and functional nest birdhouses. Decorative birdhouses have immense visual appeal designs, but it is not suitable for birds to nest in these decorative pieces. You may primarily build it to enhance the appeal of garden art. As such, you may keep the entrance hole too small, restricting the entry of birds. 

People who choose bird-friendly birdhouses make it look beautiful while staying very functional for the birds. If you select a birdhouse that meets the bird’s needs, it must have certain elements such as protecting the boards from predators, ample family space, and adequate ventilation. 

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You must choose the appropriate size of a birdhouse’s entrance hole to ensure that it can allow the bird’s free movement. The entrance must not be big enough to allow large birds, but it should not be small enough to keep away the adult birds. The main idea is to keep away the predators from harming the birds. 

Important considerations when choosing a bird-friendly wooden birdhouse

When you choose a birdhouse for Finches to enhance your house backyard’s visual appeal, certain factors need consideration. 

Attract the birds you want to attract

When you choose a birdhouse, you must know that every bird will not select your Birdhouse to raise their young ones. When you select a birdhouse, keep a particular bird species in your mind, mostly known as cavity nesters. These birds include woodpeckers, purple martins, bluebirds, and wrens. There are other birds, such as Cardinal and Robins, who do not like nesting in cavities. 

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Most of these cavity-nesting birds do not have the skill to make their bird holes in trees; therefore, they try to find an actual hollow or any spot that stays abandoned by woodpecker. 

It has become difficult for these cavity nesters to find a home because natural nesting has become very limited due to unprecedented development and natural habitat loss. If you make a birdhouse in your backyard, you act as an essential resource for cavity nesters.

Choose an appropriate size of a birdhouse

If you design a birdhouse that does not meet the bird’s essential requirement, they will bypass it. Ensure that it has the correct dimension. Otherwise, it will remain uninhabited. Be very specific in terms of the entrance’s diameter; maintain an appropriate distance from the entrance hole to the floor, and proper floor space in the nest box as it needs critical consideration. 

You must know the different birds have different nesting requirements. You have to choose the right nesting material that is resilient to extreme weather, such as cedar, rosewood, or even pine because they can stand multiple breeding seasons.

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