How to Clean Golf Gloves

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How to Clean Golf Gloves

How to Clean Golf Gloves

Do you find yourself with a problematic glove? Does it have water stains and seems to crumple?

It is certainly not as pleasant as it should be. While the functionality of the glove is more important the worst part is that it affect your swing due to issues with your golf grip. Some players resort to using a golf towel in these instances, and it’s always important to have one in your bag but the better solution is to give the glove a thorough clean.

The next component you must think about is your overall form and how your gloves play into the picture. Did you know that washing and cleansing your gloves matters in more ways than one?

Well, now, you do.

If you do not take care of your gloves, your gloves will not take care of you. That is why you must wash and cleanse your gloves properly after each use.

A wonderful glove adds fantastic grip, and a tremendous grip can be quite beneficial to you in your overall golf game.

Here is a brief and straightforward guide on how you can keep your gloves in tip-top condition by cleaning your golf gloves in the right way. If you follow the suggestions within this guide, you can find yourself one step closer to that of your favorite golfer.

Cleaning The Gold Gloves By Yourself

Indeed, your grit, sweat, and tears will slowly ravage your golfing gloves over a period. It would be in your best interest to eliminate that unwanted grime and dirt that is now there due to excessive use.

The earlier you are able to take care of your problem, the better you can be when you are out on the greens.

Wash Your Gloves

You must first start by taking your gloves off and then washing them in a proper fashion.

  • Start by delicately washing your golf gloves to eliminate the sweat and general dirt that is now present therein. Most golf gloves consist of leather material. You quite likely know that you can not wash leather material. But if your golfing gloves are of the bionic nature, then you can certainly wash them without any issues.
  • But what if you have Cabretta leather? Then you must ensure to take great care of them. Did you know that these are very delicate leather gloves? Conduct light washes when these gloves are in a very soiled state. Excessive washing will not work well for Cabretta leather.
  • Most experts suggest washing your gloves by hand if they are delicate ones. Ensure to use some light non-abrasive detergent and wash the glove until the grime is gone.
  • When using the machine, do so if you must, but only use the delicate cycle. Ensure the integrity of the velcro material before you place them in the machine.
  • Stay away from bleach when you put this into the washing machine or even do so by yourself.


Dry Your Gloves

Then you must dry your golfing gloves. Do not place your golfing gloves into the drying machine. It is best to place your gloves on the clothes rack so that they can dry regularly.

If you place your golfing gloves in extreme heat, you will notice that it is not as robust as you once knew it. For instance, you will see that the gloves are shrinking and even more dry.

That is the gist of cleaning your golfing gloves.

Be careful and have fun on the greens!

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