How to Conceal an Unsightly Boiler

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After spending a lot of time and effort decorating your home, it’s frustrating if an unsightly boiler ruins the desired aesthetic. While this appliance is purely functional and rightly not designed with style in mind, an exposed boiler can devalue your home by £5,000, according to findings from Npower.

If you don’t have a utility room or airing cupboard to store the boiler, there are ways to cover or incorporate it into your décor, so it doesn’t look out of place.

Store in a cupboard

Kitchen cupboards take the boiler out of view and are easily accessible for services and regular checks. If you don’t have any spare cabinets, consider building one to fit the boiler but ensure there is enough room for air ventilation.

You could then paint the cupboard to complement the room’s design scheme or camouflage it with matching colours. Alternatively, use chalkboard paint so you can write your weekly to-do lists and shopping lists on the cabinet door.


If you’re able to move the boiler into a different room, such as a spare bedroom, you could custom-build a larger cabinet that accommodates the shape of the boiler with extra storage room for other items such as towels or bedding.

Invest in a compact boiler

Combi boilers are much smaller and easier to conceal than conventional boilers. This type of boiler combines a water heater and central heating boiler into one unit, removing the need for a separate water tank or storage cylinder.

Small properties with less space are most suited to combi-boilers as they can be easily hidden away in a kitchen cupboard. To get advice on which type of boiler is most appropriate for your property, use the ‘find your boiler’ tool on BOXT. The online service can also arrange the entire installation process for you for extra convenience.

Cover it with a curtain

If you can’t place the boiler in storage, cover it with a makeshift curtain that matches the fabric of your kitchen window curtains or blinds. This type of décor will look especially good with vintage style homes and allows easy access to the boiler when required.


Conceal or decorate the boiler pipes

Internal pipes aren’t typically a feature that homeowners choose to showcase. However, you could incorporate them into the room’s design by decorating them with fairy lights or painting them the same colour as the wall. You could go even further by creating an industrial style room to match the aesthetic of the pipes.

Deflect with surrounding décor

If you don’t like the idea of hiding the boiler, you can try to distract attention away from it with patterned wallpaper, bold colours, or striking artwork.

Instead of letting bulky boilers and pipes ruin your home’s interior design, you can get creative with ways to hide or decorate them, so they go unnoticed but can still heat your home effectively.

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