How to Start a Juice Business From Home

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Many people nowadays prefer drinking freshly squeezed juice over store-bought and pre-packaged juice. The health benefits of freshly squeezed juice are plenty as it doesn’t contain any added colors, flavors, or preservatives. As a result, fresh fruit and vegetable juice offer a great business opportunity for anyone interested. And you don’t even have to step out. You can set up a successful juice business from the comfort of your home. While you can find ideas and suggestions on how to run a home-based juice business at, here are some tips on how to start it:

Start With Market Research

This is a critical step when you start any business. Thorough market research will make it easy for you to set up your business. Find out what other smoothie or juice shops are in your area. Research about the demographics like gender, age, and income of the people in the area where you will set up your business. All this information will help you target the right audience and guide you while starting your business.

Name and Logo of the Business

The name is what people are going to remember your juice business by, and the logo is what people will identify it with. Since your business will run from home and will not have a physical store, having a good name and logo that people can recall becomes critical. Create a name and logo that is catchy and clearly describes what you sell. 

Think About The Niche You Want To Create

Determine what niche you want to create for your juice business. Do you want to focus only on organic juices, healthy juices, bottled juices, smoothies, milkshakes, or a combination of everything? You can sell whatever you want, but determining this will help plan and source your raw material and other requirements.

Create A Business Plan

Create a detailed business plan including information about your niche, operating expenses, two-three year profit projections, marketing strategies, competitor analysis, and potential vendors and target customers.

Get Your Equipment

If you like juices and have been making them for a while, it is obvious that you will have basic juicing equipment. But that may not be enough to run a business. You will have to invest in good-quality juicing equipment to help you meet the needs of your customers. Some common equipment that you will need are juicers, a fridge, freezer, blenders, large containers to store vegetables and fruits, and knives.

Create Unique Recipes

While juice recipes are easily available online, your business will stand out if you create unique ones. A unique and varied menu will give your customers a reason to order from you. Run some experiments on your recipes and give them to family and friends to try before putting them on your menu.

Juice Business2

Juice Business2

Design Your Menu

This is an important step in setting up your juicing business. First, figure out what things you want to sell. Is it just juice, or will there be anything else along with the juice? Even in juice, you can make different categories like seasonal, citrus fruits, and green vegetables. 

Determine The Pricing

It is very important to get the unit price of your juices right. Take into account every ingredient of your recipe while setting the price. Estimate the cost for the smallest measurement that you will be selling and go up from there. Don’t forget to add your margin to the price so that you make profits.

Marketing and Packaging

Since people will not be visiting any store to order from you, you must get the packaging and marketing of your juice right. While the quality and taste of your juices will determine how much business you make, the marketing and packaging will give you a chance to create a positive first impression on most of your customers. Remember, most people will taste the juice only after they hear about you and order from you. And the first thing they will see when they buy from you is the packaging. Create a unique and fun marketing strategy that helps with brand recall. 

Once your business is successful, you can think of growing it by adding to-go healthy snacks, light bites, and other beverages like tea or coffee. Setting up a home-based juice business requires a lot of research. Juicer Spot has lots of information about juicing, recipes, health benefits, and more.

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