HP Envy 5000: Buyers Guide

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HP Envy 5000: Buyers Guide

HP Envy 5000: Buyers Guide

If you are keen to buy the HP Envy 5000 then you are not just getting access to a high quality HP machine but you are also getting access to a device that will last for many years to come! HP are possibly the best printer makers in the world and sell amazing printers for really great prices.

What the HP Envy 5000 Can Do

The HP Envy is an all-in-one printer that offers printing, scanning, faxing, coping, photo printing and access to the web. It is a modern printer and connects to wi-fi and Bluetooth. If you love to print off your photos, then this is the printer for you and it even comes with a separate photo paper tray so that you can never print in error.

The HP Envy series is a popular choice with home users as it packs a lot of punch for a device that will easily fit in any size home. Plus, it is reliable and works quietly so that you aren’t disturbed when you are concentrating on work!

How to Enjoy Your Machine for Years to Come

Once you invest in a printer, you are responsible to keep it running properly. This means completing regular maintenance. The good news is that this is not too scary when you have a HP as the printer comes with a pre-installed self-clean function for the internal workings of the printer. You simply run it every 3 – 6 months and let it clog itself so that you get the best results every time.

You will also need to take a lint-free cloth and clean the printer down properly once a week, removing all dust from the external parts and casing that you can reach. No matter what you do – never try to reach inside the machine as this could damage it and stop it working effectively.

How to Enjoy Your Machine for Years to Come

Only Use Replacement Ink

HP Envy 5000 printer ink is incredibly expensive and does not produce as many sheets per cartridge as you would probably want it to. The reason for this is because none of the cartridges are ever full, allowing HP to maximise on their profits.

Rather than spending all your cash on HP ink, try replacement ink instead. There are several specialist ink companies like Smart Ink that work hard to produce the best ink cartridges for the lowest prices. Not only will their ink provide excellent prints but the level of customer care you get with these customers will blow your mind. Check them out today!

Invest in Your New HP 5000

Now you know exactly what your new printer will do and how to get the best results with the most economical efforts then a HP Envy 5000 is a great choice. Remember that looking after a HP machine properly will result in a longer life span and better printing. Plus, if you are keen to save as much money as possible then always go for replacement ink – it works brilliantly with these machines!

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