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Important Things to Know Before Buying Your New Fireplace

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Important Things to Know Before Buying Your New Fireplace

There are many things one should bear in mind before checking the market for the best fireplace. An idea of these things will guide you in selecting the best electric fireplace that will serve your needs.

1. Know the Main Purpose of the Fireplace

In other words, this refers to what you want to use the fireplace for. Some people might want to use it for heating purposes, while others may love the aesthetic it gives. Other people might prefer a combination of both features. When you know why you need the fireplace, it will be easy to select the best one to suit your needs.

2. You cannot heat more than one room at a time with your fireplace.

It is a good idea to save on heating. However, buying a fireplace to heat more than one room is not a good idea. It will even make you overheat the principal room, which will not save you on cost in the long run as you might need more gas to run the fireplace.


3. A self-Modulated and thermostat-controlled Fireplace has a high Efficiency.

This feature enables the fireplace to increase or decrease the burning rate to compensate for the temperature of the room.

4. Find out about the Trim option of the Fireplace to know the best one for you.

Once you know the position of the fireplace insert, make sure you explore the trim designs available. There are options you will find in the brochure that might not be available at the showroom. Ask the salesperson to show you different designs to see the one that will match your decoration.

5. Check the Fireplace when the flames are not active, not only when they are turned on.

While it is unreasonable to have the fireplace working every time of the day, it is essential for the user to like the feel of the fireplace when it is not working.

6. Don’t choose a heating insert that needs a fan to transport hot air to the room.

A high-quality fireplace does not need a fan to work. While a fan indeed helps with circulation, it will improve the heat output, which will trigger noise. For people who want to use a fan with their fireplace, it is essential to have a separate control unit to control the fan as needed.

7. In choosing a decorative log set, it should fit easily into the fireplace with some breathing space.

It is essential to have adequate space around the log. It will prevent the valve from overheating.


8. Know how you want to operate the gas fireplace

There are many options available like wall switches, thermostats, remote controls, etc. One can also choose to operate fireplaces manually.

9. Electric Fireplace is a suitable replacement for the Gas fireplace.

There are electric fireplaces with various sizes, styles, and assorted trim options. They can be installed anywhere in the room as they require no venting.

10. Go with a fireplace retailer that will help get you a licensed HVAC contractor for the installation.

The installation of the fireplace has a direct effect on the overall efficiency, durability, and operation.

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