Modern design is about simplicity and functionality. You can add mid-century modern furniture and accessories to form a style that maintains that minimalistic look while creating a space that is uniquely yours. A quality leather ottoman is a perfect place to start. Consider this your guide to incorporating that piece anywhere in your home.

Creative Ways To Use Your Leather Ottoman in the Living Room

An ottoman can be a footrest, table, storage space, or additional seating in the living room. What makes it a classic modern or mid-century modern piece is its varying functions. You most commonly see an ottoman in the living room because the average height accommodates a coffee table. For example, the Gio Ottoman from Poly & Bark has genuine Italian letter upholstery and a unique geometric design to accent your modern furniture.

If you love entertaining, an ottoman is a simple way to add more seating without cluttering your space with bulky furniture. For example, use a leather pouf-style ottoman to accent your rug or supplement seating at the coffee table. It can also function as a footrest for an accent chair.

A leather storage ottoman is perfect for stashing books, blankets or any items you love but prefer to keep hidden. Do you have pets or small children? A long storage ottoman as a table or window seat can hide their toys.

Modern Leather Ottoman 3

Unique Places To Incorporate a Leather Ottoman

Ottomans are excellent pieces for filling unique spaces without overcrowding. Consider the untraditional areas of your home and how an ottoman can make them functional:

  • Bow windows are beautiful features, but they can be a decor challenge. An ottoman with leather upholstery can fit easily without blocking the views created by the bow window design.
  • Awkward nooks are typical in older homes. You find them near load-bearing walls and in attics with slanted ceilings. Of course, any ottoman can change this space into a reading nook or meditation area, but quality leather creates a more luxurious experience.
  • A child’s room does not sound ideal for a leather ottoman, but it can be a fun station for imaginative play time or a seating area for your little reader. Put it at the end of the bed to store shoes or prized possessions.
  • Foyers are often challenging to decorate, particularly when you want a unique design. Exchange the accent table for a long ottoman with tanned leather to create a neutral look you can enhance with wall art.

Beyond the benefits of multi-functionality, ottomans are versatile. You can purchase them for one space and transition them into another or take them with you as you move, making them a lasting investment.

Finding the Right Leather Ottoman for Your Style

The multi-functionality of a leather ottoman makes it a unique piece of furniture for any room. It has something to offer every room. If you need a modern or mid-century modern ottoman or pouf to upscale your decor, check out the options at Poly & Bark and try it at home for 100 days through their unique return policy.