Is it OK to Sleep in a Room with Wet Carpet?

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Is it OK to sleep in a room with wet carpet?

Water damage can have devastating consequences. It can cause extensive property damage and badly affect the health of the inmates of the house. The after-effects of water damage keep lingering even after a thorough cleaning, mopping and drying of wet carpet Sydney is carried out. 

Carpet water damage is especially bad for health. Even after extensive drying, it tends to remain damp for some time. It is best not to sleep in a room where such a carpet covers the floor. 

All doors and windows should also be kept open during this time to enable the circulation of fresh air into the room. This will quickly remove the dampness from the carpet.

If left unchecked, mildew and molds will grow into the damp areas between the carpet and the floor. This will eventually become a health hazard for the family as a whole. Some of the ailments commonly visible in people living with a damp carpet in the room are:

1. Allergies: This is a common health hazard induced by a wet or damp carpet. Such a carpet creates an environment conducive to the growth and spread of fungal infections like mildew and molds. These infectious microorganisms disperse spores that circulate with the circulating air. 

These spores when inhaled can result in a mild or severe allergic reaction depending on the amount of spores inhaled. The nasal passages will swell up making breathing difficult, causing sneezing and watery eyes. In worst cases, it can cause congestion in the nose and lungs also.

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2. Respiratory problems: People sleeping in a room with a damp or wet carpet tend to experience some common health ailments like asthma, cystic fibrosis and tuberculosis. Because of these ailments, people can experience symptoms like shortness of breath, severe asthmatic attack and chest congestion etc. 

In their mild form, these are easily treatable but when they become severe, they may become life-threatening due to the continuous deterioration suffered by the lungs and the airways. 

Continuing to sleep in a room with a wet carpet can be extremely detrimental and should be avoided at all costs.

3. Skin allergies: People living in a room with a wet or damp carpet also experience skin allergies. When the skin is exposed to the fungal spores, they get affected and people start to experience skin irritation and itching. This results in the skin becoming red in that area. Continuing to have further contact with the spores can even cause the skin to swell and blister leading to the development of severe fungal and bacterial infections.

Other minor health problems include migraine, concentration problems due to the constant breathing of foul-smelling air, fatigue etc. Living in such unhygienic conditions can only have negative consequences. Hence, till the process of wet carpet drying is complete, it is best not to sleep in the same room. 

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