March 2, 2021 – Daniel – Site ID: 1158 – Fortune Tellers: Real Predictions of the Future or Just a Scam?

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March 2, 2021 – Daniel – Site ID: 1158 – Fortune Tellers: Real Predictions of the Future or Just a Scam?

You may have heard of the term fortune tellers several times. Well, these are people who practice the art of predicting someone’s future. You can seek an appointment if you have lingering questions that you want to be answered.

Doubters nowadays believe that most fortune-tellers come disguised as miracle workers to scam people of their money. As for the proponents, they think that they have the actual ability to tell one’s future and reveal essential insights.

Here are a few critical things to consider as you step into the world of fortune-telling. 

Understanding their Craft and Methods

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To distinguish between a real or fake psychic, you must first understand their work and how they operate.  There is no denying that there are real fortune tellers, but the fake one’s work in disguise.

First, you will need to understand the essential elements of fortune-telling best acquired through reading or guidance from an expert. Fortune tellers operate and use different techniques to interpret people’s future. Some will use Tarot Cards, Palm reading, using Crystals, and Numerology.

A real and professional fortune teller will specialize in one technique and will not be afraid of letting you in to understand what he or she is doing. Be wary of those who use many methods and do not offer in-depth insights into their operations. If you happen to be in doubt, you can always rely on referrals from friends and family who have sought the services of fortune-tellers.

Observe Their Tactics

Want to know if the fortune teller is real? Observe how they conduct themselves.

A good fortune teller will delve straight into your readings. He or she will not be in a hurry to serve you and always seek to take you through the process step by step. They will also ask the right questions.

A con will waste time doing unnecessary stuff and chanting endless incantations and mantras. They will ask you many questions, some of which are irrelevant from the start. This will allow them to pick as much information to gauge your reaction and use that to predict what you want to hear or see.

Are the Readings Detailed or Vague?

When you visit a real psychic, they should give you detailed readings that answer your questions. In the end, the interpretations should provide you with clarity and not leave you feeling bewildered.

It would be best if you were wary of a fortune-teller who gave you vague answers to your questions or kept dodging specific questions. Try to relate the answers to what is happening in your life. Fake tellers can go to full-lengths to give you another person’s readings to please you so that you can come back and pay more money.

Remain Skeptical

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Everyone will jump onto the idea of wanting to know about their future. The tendency to believe the readings will be high, but it is always prudent to remain cynical as you seek such services.

Technology has made it possible for clairvoyants to offer online readings, and this complicates things further. It would be hard for you to determine whether the person you are dealing with is fake or real.

If you deal with a fortune teller face to face, it is also good to stay vigilant. Some psychics are conversant with understanding human behavior that they use different tools and techniques to read body language to make predictions.

Fortune Telling Is Not the Gospel Truth

Whether the fortune teller is predicting something correct or false, he or she only knows. On your part, do not wholly believe their readings. Learn to take fortune-telling with a grain of salt.

Ideally, if you take a psychic’s advice and act on it, the results, if flawed, will not be the responsibility of the psychic. You should use the readings to serve as your guiding tool when making life decisions, especially the important ones.

Some fortune-tellers have mastered human psychology concepts, allowing them to tell you what you want to hear. The good ones will base their readings to serve as guidance for your life by making them less predictive. Additionally, they will take the initiative to offer you impactful solutions or ideas that will help you achieve your life’s higher potential and purpose.

Always Use Your Judgment

The psychic industry is a chaotic one with not many guiding regulations and standards to keep the players in check. Therefore, you will need to prioritize your judgment and trust your instincts. In doing so, you position yourself to get the best results without putting yourself in any vulnerable or awkward situations.

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