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Real Estate Investment Software for the Experts

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Success in the real estate industry requires that there is the use of the right tools. There are several real estate tools that you can integrate into your systems, and you will benefit significantly and make your experience positive. If you are looking for the best lead management software for real estate investing, below is a look at the top real estate investment applications you should try. According to DealMachine, ‘Once you add a lead into DealMachine, you won’t have to think about that lead again until the owner calls you.’ If you want to look more into some of the best lead management software for real estate investing read below.

Top 4 Real Estate Investment Software for the Experts

1. Salesforce


Salesforce is widely recognized and used in the industry. The software is a pioneering platform in the management of business workflow and cloud document management. For many rest estate agents, the software has high functionality, and it can be customized. This makes it ideal for agents with several marketing tasks and high-volume sales.

2. Act

Act is a standard software for people looking for the best lead management software that has been used in the real estate industry for many decades. The software is suitable for mortgage companies, realtors, and investors. Act can be integrated with Amazon’s Alexa, and many industry veterans are probably used to it. The main limitation of this software is that there is a need for intensive training before deployment, which can be significantly expensive.

3. Infusionsoft


Infusion is not new to the real estate industry, although it has received significant recognition in the recent past. The software provides robust tools and features essential email software services. Some of these features include forms, landing page design, lead scoring abilities. The main limitation of this software is that it can be quite expensive and complex to use. Infusionsoft cannot be integrated with specific tools; hence you should check if it can be combined with the tools you are using before switching to it. It is also recommended you consider the costs you will incur if you adopt it.

4. BNTouch Mortgage CRM

BNTouch Mortgage CRM software is specifically designed to serve the mortgage loan industry. The software has received positive reviews from different reputable publications, and this underscores its importance. The software comes with features such as email and SMS automation, and it can be readily integrated with Facebook Ad manager. The software is available in different plans that can be used at various levels, from the loan officers to enterprise levels.


Are you a real estate investor looking for the best estate investment software for the experts? If yes, consider going through the four highlighted software above and determine what can work for you. There are many factors you should consider before changing your current software to any of the above. The critical factor is to consider the costs involved and ensure you choose that which makes financial sense.

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