Top 8 Pro Essential Tips For Escape From Tarkov Players

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Escape From Tarkov is a mind-blowing first-person shooter game. It is a little bit complicated game to get initiated in. It is incorporated with more than 60 different kinds of weapons. Selecting the right loadout & extraction point has become the main part in Escape from Tarkov. Majority of the players are jumping in Escape From Tarkov without specific knowledge of Map and weapons. You need to learn about map of its contents. Learning the different location is one of the most important parts of keeping up with the veteran players. If you know about every location, then you can easily make a difference among a devastating loss & successful loot run.

Options are very limited to beginner players of Escape From Tarkov. Tasks are one of a great way to keep a consistent stream of the XP coming in. Here are 8 important Tips for Escape from Tarkov players that will allow you to win difficult levels.

Important Tips For New Escape From Tarkov Players

Escape From Tarkov is considered a brutal game. Players will need to invest money on the right loadout properly. Following are crucial Tips for Escape From Tarkov players.

  • Ammo Is Better Than Guns

Escape From Tarkov is completely different from other games where you need to strongly focus on actual ammunition used. You need to pay attention to penetration means players want to aim for chest or head.

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  • Injuries & Health

Shooting in the Escape From Tarkov can cause a considerable amount of issues. Hitting any opponent isn’t easy in lots of FPS games. Therefore, it is important to hold the breath that can enhance accuracy. If you have a variety of injuries of a variety of body part can have negative consequences.

 However, hand injuries will reduce aiming abilities. In case you aren’t using a bandage, then your character will surely bleed to death. If you don’t want to reduce the overall performance of the character, then one must check injuries of character in the top-left corner of the screen. One can analyze the overall condition of the character as per a variety of body parts. 

If you are getting green colour, then it means an important part of the body is in good condition. However, red means a variety of part of the body is completely injured, but it can be treated using a medical kit. Black means that a body has severe injuries that cannot be in the right way. Health & Injury system is a little bit complicated in Escape from Tarkov.

  • Pay attention to weapon magazine

Before playing Escape From Tarkov, one must pay attention to firing mode that can automatically set to single fire or automatic mode. You can also check the fire mode of a weapon on your own. When you are switching your weapon to fire mode, then you will not be able to use it properly. However, shooting in Escape From Tarkov can cause a considerable amount of issues. Hitting an opponent is little bit difficult task in lots of FPS games. Therefore, it would be better to hold the breath that can easily enhance the accuracy.

The main objectives of certain beginner players are to find out loot on a map that vary from basic to advance items that are available behind doors that need keys. One also has special quests to complete quickly from merchants. Any player can fight with other Scavs, PMCs & player-controlled Scavs. In case you are killing someone, then you can easily take their gear. To finish a complex raid then find out important extraction points on map & extract there.

  • Think strategically

You will have lots of competitors in Escape From Tarkov who are eagerly waiting for you to kill you. To overcome any obstacles in the quickest way, then you should use eft hacks.  A lot of players are boosting power using cheats and hack. Hack & cheats are completely useless without any purpose of victory. One can easily outshine any competitor & complete important tasks at the right time. Escape From Tarkov is little bit difficult game where you need to think strategically. One needs to enhance the speed to have the quickest escape, 

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  • Aimbot in Escape From Tarkov

A lot of players are using aimbot in Escape From Tarkov because a player can shoot the target precisely while saving from an enemy. Targeting a pro player isn’t an easy task. Therefore, one should use eft hacks that will allow you to visualize every target properly, so you can quickly shoot every target wherever you need to shoot them.

  • Learn about Extracts

Every Map comes with a different set of extract that is completely open. Different kinds of extracts are available in Escape From Tarkov like Factory Gate on the woods where one has to find out a friendly player scav to extract. This game also has a variety of important quests that will enable you to unlock important traders and new items in-game. In case you are searching to actually progress then these important quests are paramount to overall raid experience. Eft hacks will allow you to see via walls and shoot the target quickly. When a new player is completing important quests, then you will be rewarded with items, both or cash. 

  • Redeem New Year’s Gift

New Year’s gift will offer you best boost when initiating from scratch. In order to redeem gift then you should select USEC or BEAR character in-game. You will be rewarded with money case, item case that will improve the overall game experience. However, if you want to level up quickly, then night raids can be a great option for you. Night maps can quickly reduce the overall vision of the Scavs in specific areas. 

In addition, eft hacks will help you in completing important tasks within minimum time.  If you are using hacks, then you can get the right weapon supplies. You need to create important strategies that will enable you to win difficult levels in-game. One can also take the assistance of pro players that will surely give you some great tips and tricks.

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