Top Practical Tips To Clean Your Dryer Vent By Yourself

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When your clothes come out damp even after a thorough spin in the dryer, or when your dryer becomes extremely hot while operating, know that it’s time to clean out your dryer vents. Failure to clean your dryer vents regularly can result in catastrophic consequences. Because a buildup of lint and debris inside the vents can cause your dryer to overheat, this frequently leads to house fires and significant property damage. Every year, approximately 15,000 fires are reported to be caused by clothes dryers in the United States. Every homeowner should learn how to clean their dryer vent on their own to avoid mishaps caused by clogged dryer vents. When it comes to cleaning up your dryer vents, here are some pretty helpful hints.

1. Keep The Lint Trap Clean 

The lint trap in your dryer is the first line of defense against dust and debris that accumulates in the dryer vents. Because collected dust can block airflow inside the dryer and act as a heat source, it’s critical to regularly clean the lint trap. You can clean the mesh with an old toothbrush and soapy water. Keeping the lint trap clean not only prevents mishaps but also increases the dryer’s efficiency.

2. Clean Your Dryer Drum 

Dirt, dust, and other residues from your clothes can build up not just in the lint trap, but also on the inside of the dryer, forming a coating. To eliminate this coating, clean the inside of the dryer with a solution of water and white vinegar for improved efficiency. Because the vents are directly connected to this compartment, the cleanliness of this compartment has a direct impact on the vents.

3. Wash The Dryer Vent Ducts 

The maintenance of dryer vents is one of the most important things to remember. If not cleaned properly, this can cause malfunction and fires. Make sure you wash out the dryer vents so that the accumulated dust and other residue get wiped away. While it used to be pretty difficult for a homeowner to clean their dryer vents by themselves, it has now become convenient if you utilize a rotary cleaning brush. These come in all shapes and sizes in a dryer vent cleaning kit, with tons of other cleaning equipment. Because of rotary brushes’ high flexibility and reach, it becomes easy to clean these vents properly.  

4. Place The Dryer Away to Make Room

Before you can start cleaning the ducts, you need to place the dryer away from the wall to make room for yourself and your cleaning equipment, if any. A very important thing is to remember to unplug the machine before you start rinsing out the ducts, otherwise, you can get electrocuted. Next, remove the vent hose from the dryer and start cleaning. 

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5. Rinse the Moisture Sensors 

Use a cotton ball dipped into rubbing alcohol to clean the moisture sensors inside your dryer. This needs to be done when your laundry comes out of the dryer damp. Since these sensors are located next to the drum compartment, it can be pretty easy for dust and debris to get accumulated inside them. Therefore, cleaning them is necessary to ensure that your cycle time is accurate. 

6. Clear out the Hose 

First, to regularly clean the lint trap clear out the hose, use a vacuum to suck the lint and dust trapped inside the hose. Next, utilize a brush, either simple or rotary, to clear the inside of the hose from any left residue. However, be careful that the hose is not harmed in the process of cleaning it. Otherwise, the dryer won’t work properly. After rinsing, attach the hose back to the dryer and reinsert the screws and clamps holding it together. 

7. Scrub The Exterior Vent 

After complete cleanup of the interior vent, you also need to take care of the exterior vent. Take off the vent cover and clean out any lint or dust present inside the exterior vents with a brush or rinse it out with water. 

Many people dream of owning a home. It does, however, come with a set of requirements. The maintenance of your home and its appliances is enough to make a person get frustrated. You can’t just hire help for every little thing you need to solve. The maintenance of your dryer is an essential part of your duties as a homeowner. If not dealt with properly, it can result in serious consequences. So, make sure that you know how to clean your dryer’s vent by yourself. By utilizing the tips provided here, you won’t ever have to worry about anything going wrong with your dryer again.

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