What are the Top Furnace Repair Issues That Can Become Dangerous?

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With the approaching winter, you will soon need to use your furnace. That said, the last thing you want to be dealing with is its malfunction. If this is the case, you might want to call a furnace repair company like Climate Experts to fix the issue. The thing is that there are still some issues that run deeper than regular maintenance and a scheduled check of the furnace.

Read on to learn more about top furnace issues that can get you from bad to worse.

1. Untidy Air Filters

This is no rocket science that dirty air filters can wreak havoc. If left untouched and untended, you will have to work harder to clean out your furnace. You will also have to cycle more often. Apart from higher electricity bills, untidy air filters can cause crucial parts of the furnace to break down. This can be reversed if you ensure to swap out the air filters more often. Now, let us talk about those air filters that have become clogged due to excessive dirt. In this case, you can become very sick. The trapped dirt and debris inside the filters can contaminate the air inside your house. Subsequently, the air quality inside your home will deteriorate rapidly. At the same time, you, your family, and even your pets can suffer from serious respiratory issues. That being said, you ought to keep the air filters of your furnace always clean. If you cannot do it yourself, you might want to look up the technician and licensed experts’ services to keep the air filters clean.

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2. Damaged Heat Exchanger

Only a person familiar with the HVAC system can successfully detect a cracked or damaged heat exchanger. Else, it will be nearly impossible for anyone to notice the lurking danger. It is only with a heat exchanger that cool air can be exchanged with warm air. Suppose the issue goes on for a longer time and remains undetected. In that case, a cracked heat exchanger causes the leakage of carbon monoxide. This leads to numerous health issues, in some cases, even death. You can call in for a furnace repair technician’s services so that the problem can be identified and fixed in time.

3. Poor Flow of Air

A poor flow of air within the furnace causes less mess and more dust. This means that you will start to notice dust drifting in your home. This will usually happen after you kick start the furnace. If you see dusty air, you will have to find out the root cause of it. Without detecting the core problem, you won’t be able to fix the issue properly. If the underlying cause doesn’t get noticed in time, it can cause permanent damage to the furnace. As much as your health is concerned, you can develop a runny nose, itchy eyes, and other symptoms that are typical of allergies.

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4. Fault in the Ignition Switch or Pilot Light

Another potential danger is a faulty ignition switch. Also, a faulty pilot light can cause great annoyance as well. If you notice a jammed ignition switch or when you see the pilot light turning off. Then the carbon monoxide can leak from the damaged furnace. If you see any of the mentioned faults occur, it is time to call in expert service. However, don’t forget to switch off the gas first before getting the technician or contacting the repair service.

Final Thoughts…

It doesn’t matter the frequency in which you use the furnace. It can be the entire year or just for the cold winter season. It is vital to look after it and have it maintained properly.

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