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What to Give the Family Member Who Buys Themselves Everything

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We all have that family member. The one that is impossible to gift because they already buy everything they want on their list. It can be painstakingly difficult to scour the shops and stores looking for that perfect gift for them. Only to realize as you reach the checkout line that they already have something similar, and it’s probably the perfect color, has the best reviews, and a great warranty.

So why even bother?

Well, we have the perfect solution to your gift-giving problem! 

Don’t you worry. We have absolutely figured out the perfect gifts for people who have everything. Seriously, you could create the most perfect, heartfelt gift for everyone on your list when you print your albums.

Some of our most powerful memories are songs. When a song comes on the radio from a special moment in our lives, we are able to look back at those moments and feel the love and the joy we created. 

Songs can make us feel happy, and songs can make us feel sad. Music can lift us up and change our mood in a flash and also be used as a teaching tool to help us learn about the world around us. No matter what, music has always been there when we are going through life’s most important moments.


Why not frame the soundtrack of your life? 

Imagine if you could make a mixtape into wall art? When you look back on the beautiful moments you had with your family members, can you hear what songs are playing? 

Those songs define us, give us hope, help us feel love and happiness. Music can help us express emotions that we can’t find the words to express. Music also helps us remember the good ol’ days and bygone days of our youth. 

Now you can take those powerful songs, pair them with the beautiful photos of your life for the perfect memories you can share with even the toughest gifter every day. 

You can even use these plaques to make new memories and change the narrative of old ones.

Have a sibling you’ve lost touch with? Pair a childhood photo of the two of you with a song from the decade that describes a feeling you want to invoke with the photo. Let the power of the song help you rekindle old friendships and strengthen bonds.

These plaques can hang beautifully in a hallway or sit perfectly on a desk. You could adorn them with other pieces from your memory box like memorabilia or a ticket stub if you and your loved one enjoyed a concert of the artist together. The possibilities are endless and effortless as the plaque matches any decor and any style of the room.

You uniquely design each special album plaque. You simply upload the most beautiful photos, and you enter in the songs that made those moments memorable. The creation process is easy, and fast shipping will have the plaque at you or your loved one’s door in standard time.


Even the Hardest Gift Receiver has a Soft Spot for the Nostalgic

These plaques make the most perfect gift for those who are hard to purchase for whether you are buying for your grandmother, spouse, best friends, brother, or even neighbor. 

Whether they are music lovers or only someone special in your life, turning your shared memories or their favorite photos and songs into something they can enjoy every day is an absolutely perfect gift for anyone.

Make magical memories with those you love through the music and memories you both enjoy.

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