What You Should Expect Before Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down?

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It’s easy to predict what happens when the air conditioner actually breaks down because at some point or other, you must have felt the heat! It’s a sweaty, messy affair if you happen to live in one of the hot states such as Arkansas or Florida. Since that part is no mystery, we are going to focus next on the signs which precede the breakdown.

The Squealing AC

If your HVAC system is squealing hard but working right, you might be tempted to ignore the noise for as long as you can. In truth, that would be a big mistake, given that it’s a very prominent sign your air conditioner is going to need a repair job soon. A squealing sound from the air conditioner is generally heard when:

  1. The condenser fan is not doing too well, and its bearings need to be changed immediately
  2. The condenser motor belt which connects it to the blower has either been displaced slightly, or it has slipped completely
  3. It’s time for a servicing and some oiling might be necessary to smoothen out the friction, wherever it might be occurring

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The Smelly AC

Another pre-breakdown symptom is a bad smell emitting from the air conditioner every time you turn it on. There could be a whole list of reasons behind the smelly AC problem, but the solution is always the same; call for a NWA air conditioner repair service immediately. While only the experts can tell you what’s wrong, and that too after taking a good look at the HVAC system, there are a few general guidelines that can help you detect the problem faster.

  • Smell of Rotten Meat: An animal took shelter and died in there, unfortunately for both you and the animal
  • Smell of Feces or Urine: Ruptured sewer vent pipe near an AC duct
  • Smell of Vinegar: Stagnant water is helping fungus and germs to breed within the system due to faulty drainage
  • Musty Smell: The stagnant water has helped breed mold and mildew inside the system
  • Chemical/Electrical Burning Smell: Short circuits and/or excess heat; your AC might soon catch fire if left unattended

As should be clear at this point, none of these smells indicate anything good and unless you act fast, the origin of the smell can lead to very dangerous health or even fire hazards.

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Slightly Less Powerful Cooling than Before

If your AC has been cleaned recently, this should not happen under normal circumstances, so we are dealing with a leaking coolant problem in that case. The leak will need to be detected and sealed first, followed by refilling of the coolant.

Air conditioners run fine without any problems for years, provided that they are serviced on time. You see a servicing or maintenance check is not only about cleaning the system, but also about detecting issues before they become issues, which is why they are so crucial for the HVAC system as a whole, and not just the air conditioner only.

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