Why Elegear Tie-Dyed Rainbow Flannel Blankets are the Perfect Couch Companions

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The best thing about being at home is the chance to laze around on the sofa with a cozy blanket and glass of wine. And if that blanket also happens to be warm and plush, even better! Indeed comfort and warmth are the first things we look for in throws and blankets. Style, colors, patterns, and everything else comes later. So, when you do find a blanket that is perfectly warm and not too heavy, you better hold on to it. Finding the right combination of warmth, comfort, and style in throws and blankets is often a tough challenge. But what if we say we can make it simple for you? Check out Elegear’s tie-dyed rainbow flannel blankets – the ultimate in comfort and fashion! Made with the latest technology and quality fabric, these blankets are the best choice for any home decor. Here are some amazing features of this flannel blanket.

Ultra Warm and Cozy Fabric

The Elegear rainbow flannel blankets are made from super fuzzy and warm flannel fabric with Japanese Heatwarm +2 Technology. This makes the blankets ultra-warm and very comfortable for use in winters. You can use it wherever you want, whether on the couch watching TV or lounging on your bed. These blankets are completely skin-friendly and cozy so that even kids can use them to sit on the floor or to sleep. 

Vibrant Colors with Unique Tie-Dyed Technology

Rainbow 2

Rainbow 2

Elegear rainbow flannel blankets are made of tie-dyed technology which gives them such a uniquely beautiful look. These blankets are completely handmade and the dyes used are also eco-friendly and skin-friendly. So, you need not worry about harming the environment or putting your children at risk by indulging yourself. As these blankets are died by hands, each blanket is unique in color and pattern. Full of rainbow tones and fuzzy warmth, these vibrant blankets are certainly a visual and sensory treat!

Safe and Certified

Rainbow 3

Rainbow 3

The Elegear rainbow flannel blankets come with the OEKO-TEX certification which makes them safe for children and adults alike. The fabric is made of anti-static and moisture-absorbent heating yarn to increase comfort. It continuously absorbs the moisture from the body and can quickly heat up the temperature 2⁰c – 5⁰c. With a weight of 260 GSM, it’s neither very heavy nor too light providing the perfect weight to bring warmth.

Easy to Care and Maintain

Rainbow 4

Rainbow 4

While keeping a blanket in pristine condition for a long time is a challenging task, Elegear has tried making it easy for you. These rainbow flannel blankets are fully machine-washable as long as you avoid direct heating and bleaching. Plus, they are also wrinkle-free, shed-free, and won’t pill or knot over time. Their tight stitching ensures they don’t shrink and lose their shape over time. You can easily buy these blankets online with a great 10% discount. Just use the code 10% OFF 7GFBZIBC before 10/31/202211:59 PMPDT to avail the offer.

Perfect for Home Decor or Gifting

Rainbow 5

Rainbow 5

With such vibrant colors and the tie-dye pattern, these rainbow blankets are the perfect match for any type of decor. Not only are they cute and fuzzy but also have a quirky, bohemian vibe to them. This makes including them in the home decor very easy and fruitful. Moreover, with their amazing features and easy maintenance, they can also be the best gifting option for friends and family.

From funky style and fun colors to amazing technology and premium quality, Elegear blankets bring you the best of both worlds. Whether you want a cozy couch companion or soft support while traveling, Elegear blankets can bring you warmth and comfort in all seasons and situations. 

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