Pune is a very important metropolitan city of Maharashtra which has been ranked as number one in India in terms of an easy living system. This is very well considered as Oxford of the east and ultimately is a hub where diverse people and activities are perfectly growing in terms of number with every passing day. If you are interested to experience the grandeur of the Maratha architecture then definitely you should visit this particular city due to the delivery location and ultimately you will be able to have a good number of eating options in this case. In addition to this, plan your stay in resorts in Pune if you want to have the best time in this particular city. 

Following are some of the basic places to be visited in Pune city on the upcoming trip:

  • Shaniwar Wada: This particular place is very well standing tall in glory and is a stately mention which has to be visited. Visiting this place is worth it because it was built as a dwelling for the Peshwas and the foundation was laid down by Bajirao won in 1730 A.D. Nowadays it will help provide people with a perfect chance of peeking into the great past so that everyone will be able to have the best possible time in the city.
  • AGA Khan Palace: Visiting this particular place is a good idea because it is a very important place in itself due to the best possible architectural excellence along with historical significance. This place has been very well spread across an area of 19 acres and the palace is now considered to be the headquarter of the Gandhi National Memorial Society. Making khadi is one of the most prime activities which people have to carry out over here so that everyone will be able to have the best possible insights into the historical aspects.
  • Okayama Friendship Garden: This particular place is one of the most important places that you should visit in the city and ultimately is the largest Japanese Garden outside of Japan. This place is very well depicting the Indian and Japanese relationship which was inspired by a 300-year-old garden in Japan. Visiting this place is a good idea to enjoy the natural beauty and spend time in the lap of nature.
  • MULSHI Lake: Visiting this place is a good idea because it has been formulated in the catchment area of the dam. This place is very much helpful in providing people with good insights into the scenic beauty due to the Sahyadri ranges and ultimately is a very perfect getaway for nature lovers. Everyone will be able to spend the best time over here with their loved ones without any problem.
  • VETALTEKDI: Visiting this place is one of the best possible decisions you can make because it is a very modern landmark of Pune city. It has been very much successful in enveloping the entire city and is a stunning place to spend the evening or early morning. This is very much successful in terms of providing people with the perfect opportunity of spending the best time with their loved ones in the lap of nature.
  • Parvati Hill Temple: This is one of the private shrines of the Peshwas and was built in the 17th century by Balaji Bajirao. It is 108 step flights above and is a temple on the hill lock from where everybody can enjoy the mesmerising views of the entire city without any doubt.

Plan a Trip to Pune 2

  • Nightlife in Pune: Pune has been very much successful in providing people with a very good nightlife which will be full of glittering culture. The city nightlife will be continuing till the orders of the night because there is a good number of clubs and pubs which people can visit to enjoy the best possible atmosphere of the urban crowd. There is also a good number of eating joints which will be serving food late-night for the satisfaction of the cravings of individuals without any extraordinary efforts.
  • National Defence Academy: This is also known by the name of NDA and is the academy for the Indian Army services. Members from the three defence services including the Indian Army, Navy and Indian Air Force together are running this particular place and ultimately have been sent here for separate commissioning. This is one of the most important areas which justify the national pride in the city of Pune.
  • Sri Balaji Mandir: This is very much close to the city of Pune and ultimately is a very close replica of the Venkateshwara temple at Tirupati. Not only the architecture is similar but also this particular place Follows the influencer in rituals and religious activities as well which further makes it very much popular among the people.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park: This is another very important place that you should plan to visit in the city of Pune because this is a very important tourist attraction of the city. The zoo has been very well expanded over the area of 130 acres and ultimately is a very preferred destination for the picnic as well as outings for individuals.
  • Joshi Museum of Miniature Railways: This particular place is one of the most important and unique places in the city of Pune which very well hosts a significant variety of miniature trains, steam engines, flyovers and other associated aspects. The entire area has been very well designed in terms of the detailed layout of the cities which will be pleading with buildings as well as lights, roads as well as train tracks. The functioning of this particular place is very well controlled by amusing light and soundtrack which people need to focus on so that everyone will be able to have a good insight of the place.

In addition to the places mentioned above, visiting the city of Pune for shopping activities is also considered to be a good idea and the best time to visit this particular city is from July-February. Ultimately planning the stay in resorts in Pune is definitely advisable for people so that everyone can enjoy easy accessibility to the best places and can have the perfect time in this city.